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  1. At one of the Fox Hunt weekends there were so many women there the bathrooms couldn’t accommodate them all, so they took over the stalls in the men’s room too. The guys got a lot of mileage out of all the women coming past the lines at the urinals on their way to pee.
  2. The track opened in the late 1950s as Pacific Raceways. In the late 1960s Jim Rockstad took over management of the facility and changed the name to Seattle International Raceway. When the Fiorito family took management back about 15 or 20 years ago, they went back to the original name.
  3. I’ve had a Ram with a Cummins and 6 speed manual since 2001. Bought it new. 140,000 miles of Cummins diesel goodness. I don’t feel gay. All loaded and going racing, camper, food, water, fuel, tools and spares, and of course the Z, grossed out at 21,500lbs and getting 18 miles to the gallon. It’s my Powerwagon.
  4. I attended my first drag race there in the late 1970s, 64 Funny Cars. The first thing I noticed was all those homes with back yards right up to the fence. I thought, wow, a great place to live if you are a racer and a car guy. A shitty place to live if you aren’t. How stupid to develop rural property as a subdivision, right next to a drag strip and road course. Over the years I have heard lots of complaints from that dumpy community, even attended county council meetings where these idiots who purchased homes there were trying to get Seattle International Raceway closed. These people are like the idiots who purchase a home in the flight path of an airport and then complain about the noise commercial airliners make and try to get the airport closed.
  5. Datsun. There can be only one.
  6. Volume is king when trying to seat beads. There are tools available that have a reservoir and a quick release valve to give a blast of air to force the tire beads to the seats long enough for the air coming in the stem to fill the void and keep the beads seated. So yoou could make do with the nailgun compressor. Be prepared to wait while filling tires. It is always good to have a water separator on the compressor outlet, and keep it and the compressor tank empty of water accumulation, but beyond that the air form your small unit should be OK. The local shop equipment supply house that sells tire changing equipment and consumables should have tire soap Some people just mix up dishwashing soap (not the kind that goes in the dishwasher) or even use it straight. Just wash the tire and wheel after mounting. I would try splitting the weight between the inside and outside and see what results that gives.
  7. So everyone is getting a shot, businesses are opening back up. It is time to lose the masks, eh?
  8. Just made explorer. I feel like this guy now.
  9. When the Fiorito family took the track back over Jason was road racing with SCCA and ICSCC in a GT1 car. He and I chatted at length about the future of the facility on numerous occasions. It has been awesome watching the plans play out. I remember setting up in gravel and mud under huge fir trees, Not bad when the weather was nice, but a muddy mess in the rain.
  10. Is your bladder big enough to go that far?
  11. Some people are born with ambiguous genitalia, hermaphrodite.
  12. I see another forum I hang out at that has the same software also updated. They have a check mark ✅ added to the likes choices.
  13. Finally. That has been in the works since the Fiorito family took management of the raceways back from Jim Rockstadt over 15 years ago.
  14. I shot these a few years ago at Pacific Raceways. Hadn't been there for a while and was surprised to see they built homes right outside the fence between turn 7 and 8. Who would buy a house situated like this? Racers maybe. But I bet the proles that bought these places aren't racers, and will complain constantly about the noise. Why? by Racer, on Flickr Mazda Miata by Racer, on Flickr MG by Racer, on Flickr
  15. Funny that my iPhone didn't deal with it. What is going on in the background there? Is another development going in?
  16. Hey! My member title changed. I want my money back.
  17. I see there is some new thing, rank or something. Says I’m a newbie. I ain’t no fucking newbie.
  18. Mmmmmm . . . . . industrial factory sex.
  19. I just cleared the history on my iPhone, and now I get this warning: This connection is not private. This website may be impersonating "ratsun.net" to steal your personal or financial information. You should close this page. There are two clickable lines, one says Show details, the other says Close page. Clicking Show details leads me to a long warning message about how Ratsun wants to steal everything from me, then fuck me up the ass or something. At the bottom of the page it has a link to allow me to go to the website. I click it, and there I am. I've been getting a similar message when accessing the forum on oneof my laptops using Opera. I click through, and after visiting the forum over several days it pesters me again that Ratsun wants to do evil things to me. The annoyances of computers.
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