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  1. Already up to $20,000. And seven days to go.
  2. Notice where Colonel Sanders nose is on the backside of her cheesy ass. Poor bastard has a pained, squinting look. Yuk.
  3. Jesus Christ, someone sew that cow’s mouth shut.
  4. I find the tinfoil hat does little more than make my head sweat.
  5. Coming along, and really looking so much better than what you started with. Awesome!
  6. If I caught someone doing that they wouldn’t be pressing anything but daisies.
  7. No more sharp dressed man or cheap sunglasses.
  8. I remember when my high school buddies entered their 20s, got married and had kids. The kids started playing T ball. Um, OK, don’t pitch the ball to them, just set it on a post and let them swing. After the games they handed trophies out to every kid. Didn’t matter if they won or lost, or if they even played. Wait. What? You don’t play, and your team lost, and you get a trophy? They rewarded failure. That’s fucked up.
  9. At least out my way they don’t sleep on top of the welcome to here sign.
  10. But they didn't know they were using Indian from India. They thought they were using Chief Wahoo. Wahoo!
  11. These guys will take offense to the misuse of their name and the insult to their people.
  12. I have to use both hands, so the load on my cardiovascular system is balanced. And there is no danger of unequal muscular development. Like this guy. Switch hands once in a while. Sheesh!
  13. Reversing box? Or, use the starter motor like a Gold Wing?
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