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  1. Mmmm . . . . . . . . Dark chocolate . . . . . . . . . . . tasty!
  2. For all you Ratsuns out there. Rat Salad.
  3. What make car is that? It looks like Mopar . . . .
  4. I had one of those. Well, except the steering wheel was on the wrong side. Fun little car, slant 6, 3 speed manual column shift. A buddies mom got old and couldn't drive anymore, her husband bought it brand new. I picked it up for $300. A few months later I was coming home from the grocery store and a teenage girl in an early Celica ran a red light and I T-boned her. She had only had her license 2 weeks. Her insurance company gave me $200 for the groceries that went from the back seat to the floor, $600 for "medical" expenses, pain and suffereing, and $800 for the car. Oh, since it was near my house the car had been towed there,, so after it was all said and done I parted the car out and got another few hundred bucks before I sold the carcass for scarp. That $300 was a good investment.
  5. At about 6:45 the two bozos in the CRST rig crack me up. There is a reason why that carrier has a bad safety record. They hire idiots. They pay them twenty cents a mile (split between the two drivers), and run them ragged. Most of the drivers today have less than 6 months experience when they get turned loose with a big truck and a large number of those rookies have never driven a car in the snow, let alone a truck. I ran 5 years and logged around 800,000 miles, often in conditions worse than this. Always kept a level head and drove according to conditions. If chains were required I parked the truck and jumped in the back, cozy and warm, turned on the TV and fixed a hot meal. The load needed to get delivered in one piece. Running hard all day across Montana, just about to cross into the corner of Wyoming on US-212 I stopped to kick the tires and make some yellow snow. Check out the ice buildup on my truck. Ice Road Trucker by Racer, on Flickr There must have been nearly 1/2" of ice on my load chains and binders, ladder and headache rack. Ice Road Trucker by Racer, on Flickr Over those 5 years I saw a lot of fucked up shit. Like this: I-94 in Eastern Montana. I always thought the oilfield guys had better skills than this. Bad Route Choice by Racer, on Flickr On I-24 in Kentucky, March of 2014. I didn't get all the spinoouts and jacknifed rigs. Sure, the road surface was covered in about 4" of compact snow and ice, and since Kentucky doesn't get snow much they don't have removal equipment so it was like driving on a poorly maintained dirt road. Just putt along in the low side of the box truckdriver, you'll get there soon enough. Sheesh! Frozen In Kentucky by Racer, on Flickr Yep. There are a lot of idiots out there with their heads up their ass. I tell everyone that when you are driving on the road, give big trucks a lot of room. They'll crush your little Datsun like a bug, and the skill level of the majority of truck drivers guarantees there will be an accident.
  6. Reflections somewhere on I80 in Pennsyltucky. Dana by Racer, on Flickr
  7. Dogs Love Trucks Beagle by Racer, on Flickr
  8. The seller says "L24" swap. Really? I only count 4 plug wires.
  9. Chuck Berry October 18, 1926 – March 18, 2017 RIP
  10. I'd like to see that color in person.
  11. More likely that it is from holding his breath too long while he changed from mild mannered David Banner to the Incredible Hulk. Next stage after the blue lips and bulging veins in the forehead and neck. I always wondered. If he held his breath long enough, would his head explode?
  12. Hollywood ran out of original material a long time ago. They have been regurgitating the same basic plots for 40 years or more.
  13. Yes. But. As the OP mentioned, the court clerk told him they have difficulty enforcing the law that requires attendance. Also, consider that jurors are selected from the pool of registered voters. Since only about half of all eligible citizens are registered to vote, and the majority of registered voters are Caucasian, the majority of jurors will always be skewed that way. I've been called up for jury duty a dozen times or more over the last 40+ years, and the scene I have always witnessed is the same as the OP described. And each time I sat on a jury there has been little, if any racial or ethnic diversity.
  14. This is what happens when a late snow closes the entire state of Wyoming for a week, and then they finally let everyone back on I80 at the same time. Lincoln Pass by Racer, on Flickr Oh, and even though the pavement is showing, it is under about an inch of ice. Get 80,000lbs rolling, and then try and stop it. Slick. Of course I had this load: Spring Snowbound In Rawlins by Racer, on Flickr Jet engine inlet cowling tooling (reuseable pallets) headed back to Wichita. Fourteen feet wide. Only about 50,000lbs.
  15. So cold. Icy Day by Racer, on Flickr
  16. We Fix Trucks HDR by Racer, on Flickr
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