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  1. Everyone is always at choice in everything they do, and everything they say, everyday. Every person always has a choice and to take ownership of their choice. Regarding getting a vaccination, or not, the choice lies with the individual. If an individual doesn't want to get a vaccination, they have to accept whatever goes with that choice. No other person can bear the consequences of that choice, one the person who makes that choice. If an individual wants to get a vaccination, that is their choice, and they too have to own whatever goes with that choice. You make your choice and live with it. I'll support your right to make whatever choice you choose, and wish you the best. I've made mine, as all the millions of choices I have made in my life. I own those choices, and hold no one else accountable for them.
  2. Nobody put up a fuss in 1992 when the fitness for duty law was enacted. All people working in a safety sensitive role suddenly were required to submit to random drug and alcohol testing. ”Here, piss in this cup and blow up this balloon.” Train engineers, ship’s pilots, airline pilots, truck drivers all had to submit to testing, or they lost their jobs. Indeed, many thousands of idiots who couldn’t make the right choice and not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while at work have lost their jobs, and even today people make the wrong choice, get called in for a random test, and then get fired. Along with that, the majority of employers adopted drug and alcohol screening as a standard.
  3. Where did you hear this? Six years ago similar shit was going around. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/south-carolina-ban-tylenol/ Sounds like Faceplant bullshit.
  4. Yesterday the management at The Big Shed announced that everyone at all US locations will be required to be fully vaccinated, or have an exemption for health reasons, or an exemption for sincere religious reasons, by December 8, or they will no longer have a job. Some say, and have been saying all along, that they will not get vaccinated, e even if it means they no longer have a job. Most don’t have a qualifying reason for an exemption. So simply because they don’t want to be told to get the shot, these people are going to give up $40 to $50 an hour, benefits, vacation, sick leave and seniority. Sounds pretty stupid to me.
  5. I see you parked next to the breast cancer awareness car. Did you get a chance to help with breast exams? I always step up and give Mrs. Racer 2.0 help. She thinks I do it just to cop a feel, but I’m really checking for lumps. Honest. I wouldn’t want the evil C to take her awesome breasticles away.
  6. All those colors. Like a Skittles rainbow. I think I’m having an acid flashback.
  7. Racer X 69

    My 1971 521

    The old paddling was broken down. When you sat on it there wasn't much support. Th new padding is fresh and stiff, so your butt doesn't sink down as far as it used to. Give it time.
  8. She has a dream catcher tattoo. I could inject a few dreams for her.
  9. Beautiful countryside. Is that north of Dallas? I've been between Dallas and Tulsa quite a few times, on 35. It looks like a place I will explore some after I get retired. Probably when it isn't tornado season. And I want to get out to Sweetwater for the rattlesnake roundup. There is a place west of Fort Worth on 287, Catfish O'Harlies. I love catfish. Stopped there everytime I passed by, which was a lot. 287 runs from Dallas all the way to Denver, a great shortcut to Seattle. Miles and miles of lonely two lane highway. Also been East from Dallas to Shreveport, and Dallas to Little Rock. There are lots of trees out that way, short deciduous trees. Nice, green, hilly countryside. Lots of snake farms. What is up with all the snake farms? This is what the landscape looks like out where my cousin lives southeast of Seguin.
  10. I have never shaved anything but my face. And only when I didn't have a beard. I might grow the beard back. Someone told me they heard on Facebook that beards help filter out the Covid.
  11. For sure the landscape is varied, dry barren desert, grasslands, and the scrub pines. The trees in east Texas look like the tallest in the state, guess they didn’t look as tall as they are. The grasslands are green during the rainy season, but quickly turn golden brown when the rain stops. If it wasn’t for the searing heat in the summer I might consider retiring there. Guess I have spent far too long in the Pacific Northwet, and have grown accustomed to the climate here. And I would miss the snow.
  12. A broken picture. But I can imagine, as I've seen the trees that grow there. It is said that everything is bigger in Texas. There is a lot of wide open spaces, beautiful cities with snakepits for freeways (Dallas_Fort Worth). I've been all over Texas, one of my cousins lives southeast of Seguin. But what you all call a tree, we call a bush. So trees must not be included in that statement. This picture is of a tree in the woods by the river I live along, growing from the stump of an old growth tree. You can we one of the springboard notches that the woodsmen cut to place a board to stand on while they pulled the saw back and forth. The stump is about 10 feet tall, and about 6 feet in diameter. A medium sized tree for here back in the day. T This shot is on the riverbank right behind my house. The evergreen tree on the left is around 100 feet tall. Behind it are some cottonwood and alder trees. The tree lying on the right fell a few years ago, it looks like it had rotten roots. It was also around 100 feet tall.
  13. I had a girlfriend who shaved her biscuit. Never had a nekkid biscuit before. It was erotic, fun, and a delicious change of pace. Eventually I asked why she kept it smooth and hair free. She said that hair is dirty What? Um, soap and water works real well to wash up. Besides, using that logic, said I, you might as well shave your head too (she had waist length blonde hair). She didn't talk to me for a few days. Me? The last thing I want is a 5 o'clock shadow at my crotch. The stubble would be brutal.
  14. Took my neighbor on a couple of hikes in the nearby mountains recently. Even though we live in the country, and it is relatively quiet and peaceful, he was quite taken aback by the silence in the woods. It is so quiet that the silence is deafening.
  15. Who are you and how did you get into Mike’s account to make this post?
  16. Perfect. Stack four sets, about 14 feet high, and you’ll look like those guys in third world countries.
  17. Because there is a state law that prohibits consumers from pumping their own gas. Diesel fuel customers can pump their own. Apparently allowing the average Joe to pump his own gasoline is too dangerous, so stations have to pay some kid to do it.
  18. The paint looks pretty good for being sprayed outdoors.
  19. They are pulling the engine through a revolution or two before starting, to clear the cylinders of oil.
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