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    Finding my old 510
  1. mildatjeff

    Desperately Seeking my long lost love!

    HA! Remember I had to SELL it because I was broke? That was my folks house. Their neighbors loved it when I came to visit
  2. mildatjeff

    Desperately Seeking my long lost love!

    No problem! PL510236292
  3. Hello! My name is Jeff and once upon a time (early 2000's) I had a wonderful '71 4dr 510. She was far from perfect but she was mine! Like any good college student I racked up a ton of credit card debt treating her to nice things like dual SU's, new wiring harness, and first gen Falken Azenis. One day the Piper had to be paid and I regretfully sold her :( I don't think i've cried that hard since, even when watching Rudy... That was a good 11 years ago. I am now a moderately successful man with an actual income and mostly tolerant wife and i have made it my mission in life to find her again! Well, my mission beyond raising 2 boys to be decent human beings that is. Has anyone seen her? I believe she was bought by someone on the west coast, Portland Area? (I was in Racine WI at the time). See the below pics and album for distinguishing features. She had a decent body, snowflake rims, fairly nice L18 with dual SU's from Z-Therapy, all new wiring harness, carpeted trunk, crummy racing seats, D-shaped steering wheel, Wink mirror with some old school stickers... BMW headlights... Just take a look. I know this is a total shot in the dark but you never know! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1FyzO7CQy2qdk1lNmJJZWZqRnc/view?usp=sharing-tmp.jpg tumblr image hosting

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