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  1. Ev710

    Newbie with a 710

    Hello Gents...have one question regarding difference bt 710 and 160j. I've searched the threads without success. I purchased the 160J jap spec smiley bumpers (for the front and rear) AND the 160j valance (from the guy in Mexico) . I realized that the front bumper wont fit without the jap spec 160J fenders. Similarly, the 160J valence wont fit on the 710 fenders. This I did find in the threads after i drove my bodyshop guy crazy. So my question is this: can the 710 fender(s) be modified to fit this bumper properly OR do I need to scrap the front bumper idea? The 160J fenders are hard to find but found some guy who wants to sell me some for a crazy price. What do you guys think? Also...I need the 160J SSS grille! lol. I bought one and it got shipped to me in about 300 pieces. Thanks!
  2. Ev710

    Newbie with a 710

    Yup it needs the smog stuff...Cali laws suck. I didn't pass the smog test w the original equipment anyway. I'll need to take care of this every go around, when registration is up for renewal. Let's say I have a 'workaround' that's not cheap.
  3. Ev710

    Newbie with a 710

    Thanks guys! I don't have the 160j fenders but I did find the lower apron for the front bumper. I'm hoping that it can be modified somehow. I'm currently pulling out all of the smog stuff and getting ready to do the dual carb setup. Man, this project started as a low budget hobby to keep me busy on the weekends. These parts are adding up! Debating if going with Mikuni 40s or Webers. Thanks again
  4. Ev710

    Newbie with a 710

    You guys are awesome! Honestly thanks for the info. I'm almost positive it's a w58 head. I will include some pics. For now I uploaded a few pictures of my car...how I got it and some progress pics. <iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://s38.photobucket.com/user/eviramontes/embed/slideshow/Datsun"></iframe>
  5. Ev710


    Anyone have 710 parts? Looking for Jdm grille, rear bumper, and other misc shiz.
  6. Ev710

    Newbie with a 710

    Thanks guys...started the Photobucket account and should have photos up by tomorrow. As of now, I'm pulling the car out of the body shop and trying to get her back on the streets asap. I gave the car a tune up and the l20b sounded good. 1. Bumpers - I bought the Japanese small bumper (front) and just sourced the rear. Don't have brackets...assuming I need to fab something. I'm thinking the old 'park bench' bumper brackets are useless. 2. Dual webers - looking to get a dual carb setup. I have the W58 head that has the extra hole on the intake for cooling purposes. Do I need a specific intake manifold or plug hole somehow? 3. I jumped the gun and bought 15x7 +25 SSRs at a good price. Now I'm thinking they won't fit. We will find out soon enough. 4. Time to lower her - Im thinking of going w 2" blocks in the rear and Z struts in the front with new springs. 5. Weatherstripping - any ideas for doors and trunk? Any help, comments or criticism on the above is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  7. Ev710

    Newbie with a 710

    Just wanted to say hello to all the veteran 710 owners and fellow Ratsun pheens. I picked up my car, 1976 Datsun 710 Coupe, about 8 months ago and it's been a non stop struggle to find parts and endless search for answers...hope to touch base with you all. (Need to upload pics I know...that's my next step).

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