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  1. I read in many places 105 and 108 hp My cars identification plate rivited to the firewall says 108 HP, I guess about 80 of those are left. Torquey engine though
  2. The G18 being crossflow has a more balanced look to the engine bay. The L18 isnt a crossflow and I might have a tight drivers side in the engine bay as its a LHD with the clutch master cyl. and brakes master and servo taking up some space already. My 4 speed trans. Should fit the L18 bolt on, turns out its also used in the 620, came with a L18 and the same 4 speed. Thanks DatzenMike
  3. My original engine will not last, not sounding too good, and I know I will not be able to a complete rebuild as not all parts are a available, I need a complete cylinder head and its a rare thing to find for a G18. I would love to keep it but it will get a propper rebuild in a later stage. Question: Would I need to modify anything on the engine mounts if I plane to swap my G18 for a L18 ? Im trying to find an engine that would fit bolt on with the least mods possible. I know for a fact that the engine mounts are different on the G18 than a L18, different number of studs. Any help is highly appreciated
  4. EgyDat

    1976 C110 180K (PLC110)

    Removed from the car so far. 4 speakers, 4 tweeters, 2 amps, 3 equalizers, rear view cam, touch screen (was hanging on the rear view mirror) a 1500 watt subwoofer that took 2 thirds of the trunk. CD player, cassete player and about 100 meters of wires and cables, feels like I had an additional passenger. Took out the stupid devil exhuast (noisy with no punch even) and placed an all stock exhaust from engine to tail. Car is smoother and actually running freely. I will drive it as I do the work, I greased her up the other day and realized I what the under carriage will need. Also an engine rebuild and gearbox rebuild will be coming up in some point. Any ideas where to find a complete rubber bushings kit for the suspension? Went looking for the rear light panel but no luck so far, also looking for the original steel rims, I still have the spare tire so Im looking for something similar. Any hint to which models shared similar steel wheels? as we have alot of Datsun pickup trucks and other Datsuns. The car has the original rear seat and door upholstery. But im looking for all the manual windows mechanism and handles as to remove the electric windows previous owner installed. Also later will remove the alarm system and central locking. Always greatful for your support.
  5. EgyDat

    1976 C110 180K (PLC110)

    Hello TSKB30, The 43 is not a diesel, original 2F engine and 3 speed on the floor. I guess you skimmed through the post and didnt read what I wrote regarding all the cheesy addons that need to be removed from the car. I just bought the 180K, it will take a while..will keep you updated. Thank you Banzai, took my 4 years to rebuild it. More photos here https://m.facebook.com/mahmoud.ezzeldin.33/albums/10150146798825280/?ref=bookmarks
  6. EgyDat

    1976 C110 180K (PLC110)

    Had to make a photobucket account. The model confuses me slightly as the rear lights are not common..or so I feel having not seen alot of them online. Please feel free to teach me about this specific Kenmeri, much appreciated. Hope these links work http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h56/EgyDat/images%2070_zpsebisngcq.jpg http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h56/EgyDat/20170223_17245922_zps6fy9czdb.jpg My other Jap http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h56/EgyDat/IMG_603622_zpsheqnjkyo.jpg
  7. EgyDat

    1976 C110 180K (PLC110)

    I cant post photos for some reason.
  8. EgyDat

    1976 C110 180K (PLC110)

    Hello Datworld, Glad to find a place with pure Datsun-heads. I just got my first Datsun. Not my first Jap though, have a 1975 Landcruiser FJ43 since 2010. My C110 has good potential but I still did not decide on what I plan and direction I plan to take. I has its original L18 engine 4 speed manual. Latest owner had some much electronics added which I plan to remove in plan to return the car to its original appearance and aesthetics. Non orignal mirrors, missing chrome parts, non original seats (original ones are with me but need to be redone) and lots more.. I would say the 180K is 75% complete, has some rust and needs a restoration. I plan to use it as a daily drive, I prefer naturally aspirated and a twin carb conversion is something on my list. I also plan to make a roll bar inside, strengthen suspension mounting points, make some sump and under-carriage protection...etc. and rally it from time to time. Knowing Egyptian streets are full of pot holes and bumps it would help to have narrower tires and preferably raise it an inch... Rally seats and normal driving seats would be a bolt on swap matter. Current wheels are 15" Borbet look-alikes (width, 7" front & 8" rear) I would love to know what were the sizes of the original rims? 14"? 13"? I would return it to original for better suspension geometry and nippy handling, also less harmful to suspension and steering parts. Any idea how many litres of oil the L18 engine takes including a filter change? Would appreciate all your thoughts, ideas and input? I guess I can only perfect my Dat with your support a d knowledge. Im good with old landcruisers if anyone needs help

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