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  1. Does that still apply since I'm using RX-7 subframes?
  2. Follow-up question: Anyone happen to know which KA I need to source? I know the oil pans are different between the 240s and the trucks. Thanks guys.
  3. I've searched the threads and can't find anything on this. I've heard of a guy who grafted Miata subframes into his 520, but haven't seen anything about an RX-7. The only reason I'm doing this is because I'm building on a budget and I happen to have an '86 RX-7 with no drivetrain and a trashed body and interior that was given to me for free. I'm no stranger to fab work and am confident that I can make it work but I was just wondering if anyone had already tried and what to look out for. Final product will be a '67 Datsun 520 with '86 RX-7 subframes and a KA24DE (maybe turbo) with a 5 speed. An
  4. Ok. So a KA24E with matching 5spd is ideal. Anyone ever turboed one?
  5. Is there any advantage to having a girdled block strength-wise? Will it affect clearance?
  6. So aside from a dreamy turbo-diesel, which KA should I search for? I know they made some with individual main caps and others with girdles. Some with L-series type distributors and oil pumps and some without. Am I correct in saying that the early 240sx had a girdled block coupled with the dogleg 5spd?
  7. Any good diesels to look for?
  8. Hi guys. So I purchased this sweet patinad machine from a guy in KY out of a field. He gave me one extra J13 and 4spd tranny and my delusions of having a nice, simple, slow, classic mini truck were fulfilled. It was only later that I discovered how nearly impossible it is to get an engine rebuild kit, pistons, etc. for the J13. "No big deal." I thought. I've done many-a-swap before to include cutting, welding and fabricating whatever I need. So I began looking for an engine. I saw all kinds of KA24, SR20, L16 swaps that had been done, but there doesn't seem to be many of those around my area.
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