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  1. captain720

    '85 4x4

    You will get some really good parts of that for certain
  2. captain720

    best clutch?

    My favorite clutch in a 720 is an excdy stage 2
  3. captain720

    new to the forum

    Where are the oics?
  4. captain720

    Parts truck build/One wasn't enough

    I haven't checked to see if the frame was bent. I ended up in a pile up due to a very uniteligent driver 4 cars in front of me. (Big car accidents are really rare in this town) but it was really rusted out so I probably won't even bother checking for a bent frame. Only going about 25 and the nose ended up going under a Honda pilots rear end.
  5. captain720

    Parts truck build/One wasn't enough

    It physically pains me to post this update.......... I was just starting to make progress on getting some 720s together (new rear leafs for the 4wd and work on white truck) when an absolutely deplorable thing happened. Me and my daily blue 720 were involved in a 4 car smash up cause by one person who ran away. So now I have no daily, my orange 4wd is out and my white truck currently being built while now this blue 2wd (the daily) is totally gone. Obligatory oics If it was a 510 someone would want to save it still, but it was a rotted old 720 that no one but me cared about. So unless someone has a better idea it will be striped for parts and the frame crushed while I ride my bicycle around putting together the white truck.......... Edit-no injuries
  6. captain720

    Site Updated 🍔🍺​​​​​​​

    I don't mind. I was reading a thread went home and everything changed!!!! I'm not complaining thanks for your hard work guys.
  7. captain720

    Charlie69's 86 720 King Cab DD

    Looking good Sir!
  8. captain720

    Forum down today???

    Hey it's my only form of social media lol
  9. captain720

    Forum down today???

    I was freaking out about life without ratsun and hoping it would come back......... And it did!
  10. captain720

    85 720 stalling under load

    If it's from O'Reilly's your lucky it ever worked :)
  11. captain720

    Monster NL320 4x4 Build

    Or just MJ it's legal here so doesn't have to be medical.
  12. captain720

    Best battery for a B210???

    If you have a non clutched fan you can always just grab it and give her a quick turn!
  13. captain720

    Whaty are people using to host images.

    Literally every forum was using Photobucket so it had a lot of power all to itself. Now the smaller ones are getting attention which will hopefully create some competition to make a better product for us the end users.
  14. captain720

    Engine shake at shut off

    I got in the habit of doing this before I knew how to fix the dieseling so I can do it perfectly, now I have no idea if my trucks diesel or not because it's a habbit :)
  15. captain720

    changing lowering blocks

    I think the factory 4wd 720 springs are mostly flat, although one of mine has gone a bit upside down :(

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