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  1. Thehoffinator

    WANTED Early style 620 grill

    As the title states, trying to track down a nice early style 630 grill. My 73 has the later style grill and I do not like it. Let me know what you have! PM me if you've got one!
  2. Thehoffinator

    Who can identify this front suspension??

    Thank you all for the responses and help with this. I believe I finally figured this out. Here's a question, on the 620s, are the motor mounts and shock tower all one piece? Mine are all one piece. Also, these do have the twist I found in photos of the 720 suspension, so I looked closer..and closer at the welds. There are very subtle differences between both sides as far as the welds go. They look good, but you can see a slight gap in the drivers side front motor mount pedestal where it is welded to the frame, that is not there on the other side. There is a bent corner as well that was there before welding, because the weld goes right over it. Not factory like that. Also, I found some grind marks on the passenger side mount where it rolls over the frame rail. All of this work seems to have been done many many years ago. So, I guess somebody adapted the towers and motor mount pedestals from a 720 frame and welded it onto the 620 frame, and is using factory 720 components. Seems effective to me, the alignment doesnt seem to be far off. I can drive it and it tracks straight, but I know the toe is slightly off (I eyeballed it)
  3. Thehoffinator

    Who can identify this front suspension??

    Datzenmike - The door tag shows PL620, and shows 7/73 On the tag. Same VIN in the engine bay and on the frame 2wheel-lee - I just tried to look with it on the ground and I can't get under there far enough to check for spacers without putting it up in the air. You may be on to something though, the lower control arms and the hubs/calipers all have the same orange paint in some spots, indicative of a junkyard. Thinking these parts all came off of a truck and fit to this one. I'll be working on it tomorrow, I can verify if there are any spacers on it
  4. Thehoffinator

    Who can identify this front suspension??

    Update, the VIN on the frame matches the engine bay placard and the door tag. So I'm not sure how this swap was done, but it doesn't appear to be modified in anyway. So I guess the modified front clip and frame swap are out the door. ANYWAYS... it seems like I've got 720 front suspension on here, is there a difference between early and later 720 components?
  5. Thehoffinator

    Who can identify this front suspension??

    I took a look on the Google machine to see this strut you were referring to. I see what you mean, and it doesn't look like it existed on the inside of my frame.. Anyways, if the front clip is swapped, I can't even tell.. I don't see any evidence of welds, or grinding or anything. It may be hidden under the years of rust. So when ordering parts, what all should I be ordering for this? 80's 720 components??
  6. Thehoffinator

    Who can identify this front suspension??

    Just had a look, and I don't see anything under there...I don't see any evidence of there ever being any sort of strut or metal there...the only thing I see is a pedestal with a bolt hole mounted on the inside of the frame rail on the opposite side of the frame on the drivers side..if that means anything
  7. Thehoffinator

    Who can identify this front suspension??

    Thank you guys for the quick responses. The gas tank is mounted to the BED not the frame...I will look under there to see if I can see any evidence of the frame being modified. Also, Datzenmike, it has an adjustable tie rod ONLY on the drivers side... and it's hard to tell in the pic, but the rotors are heavily pitted. The pads are torn up, and I'd rather just replace with new if I'm at this point and not have to worry about it.. kind of overkill I know..
  8. Thehoffinator

    Who can identify this front suspension??

    Honestly, I couldn't even tell you if it handles strangely, I have driven it in the neighborhood approximately 4 miles. I JUST today adjusted the centerlink to give me enough Toe In to not squeal the left tire driving in a straight line. Since it is not even close to being aligned, I cannot say with confidence that any steering or corner dive-in is attributed to anything else BUT the lack of alignment. It has been lowered, and it does have a BIT of negative camber... when it's up in the air, the things are DEFINITELY negative... looks like the clown kids that drive their civics with the wheels sticking out friggin sideways. Put it on the ground and it straightens up. same thing with the toe, up in the air it looks cross-eyed, back on the ground she sits pretty straight. Straight enough to drive at about 35-40 that is..
  9. Thehoffinator

    KA Swap Header options

    FWIW, Do not buy the eBay header for 100 bucks or whatever it is. At least the long tube version. I guarantee you, they flow far worse than factory. I bought a long tube header for my KA24DE swap, thinking I could modify it to fit. I even got to the point of cutting it up just after the 2-1 connection points thinking I could re-weld the pieces in a different configuration, and dear lord...what I saw inside of the "high flow collectors" was tragic. it is the most garbage thing I've ever seen, a 10 year old with a MIG torch could build better. In one of them, the actual opening for exhaust flow was about 3/4" or less... I will post pics of the evidence in the morning, you can make your own decision. For mine, I went with a custom semi full-length header, and I opted to heat wrap it. I also went against the grain and did not use a 3 bolt flange, but instead a welded 60 degree mandrel "downpipe" from my collector (ordered from Summit Racing) to a ball and socket exhaust joint that continues to the rest of the exhaust. Fits between the torsion and frame rail. This allowed me to run a true 2.5" mandrel exhaust.
  10. Thehoffinator

    Who can identify this front suspension??

    Hey folks, Finally got my KA24DE swapped 620 running and driving! Very excited, I will post pics of the build once I get everything squared away. LOTS of progress pics! Anyways, here's my issue. I need to align this thing, and replace the old rusted rotors and pads that are currently on the truck. I want to buy the adjustable 720 tie rods, but unsure of which ones to go with? 4WD or 2WD version? I also don't know what brakes are on this, it seems to be 720 stuff but all the research I have done indicates it doesn't just bolt in... although I can't tell anything has been modified, but then again, I don't really know what to look for. Can someone tell me what this is? This is a 1973 620. Had an old Buick V6 swapped in it for many many years.. Thanks!
  11. Thehoffinator

    Introducing... new member with a KA swap project

    Thanks for the pics guys. This helps. I'm going to try to cut the header and modify it around the torsion bar.. I'll definitely have to post pics when I figure it out. I will be working on it again starting on Monday.. excited about this thing!
  12. Thehoffinator

    Introducing... new member with a KA swap project

    Hey 2eDeYe... I bought the eBay 4-2-1 header that I commonly see people run. Do you have to remove the torsion bars in order to install the header? Or were you able to run without removing them? I tried installing the header but the bars are in the way... not sure how detrimental they are to ride quality
  13. Thehoffinator

    Introducing... new member with a KA swap project

    That's what I'm thinking, somewhere up in that area.. what did you guys use to mount it? Just sheet metal screws? I also scored a compete dash with a tach, since the one in the truck is a skeleton...do you think I could mount that ECU up behind the dash, but still have enough space to remove the existing dash and replace it? I'm a fan of keeping wiring hidden, so up behind the glove would be legit
  14. Thehoffinator

    Introducing... new member with a KA swap project

    Haha well, I am an Audiophile... but the stereo isn't on my number 1. She will get some Focals when the timing is right, going to have to match the ridiculous system i have in my Duramax... but for now it's just finishing up this well deserved and long overdue completion of this build. Just got my header, Walbro 255, filter and 02 sensor in today, next step is mounting the Rad and then the Can Am box it's already wired but uh... finding a spot for it and the ECU is a little tight...
  15. Hey folks! Long time reader, finally decided to join the group. My name is Josh, and im from California, in the Bay Area! I recently picked up a 1973 620 after searching for the perfect project (for me anyways). What I found was a truck that somebody has put a lot of work and research into... and was ill fated to be incomplete when funds and interest ran out. I'm not sure the History too much, but somebody has definitely been a member of Ratsun who owned this truck before me. It has: Ka24DE 2eDeYe's motor mount brackets Can Am relay box Wiring mostly finished Power steering delete/single belt Disc brakes and 720 ball joint suspension New brake master, clutch slave and clutch master cylinders Aluminum radiator Quite a few other little things Truck came with MOST stuff to finish. I've just been gathering finishing swap parts and should HOPEFULLY start getting into fire up zone shortly. Very excited to be a part of the Datsun community with my new to me Lil Hustler! Here's some pics of when I brought it home, and after polishing up the original paint... Looking forward to keep gaining knowledge on this bad boy, and more importantly, DRIVING IT!!

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