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  1. tuckfoo

    Alternator wiring

    http://tinypic.com/r/wtwsi8/9here is what the back of the it looks like
  2. tuckfoo

    Alternator wiring

    I have a 510 that I'm makinging a new harness for and it's in the middle of becoming a track car and it has a alternator from a 620 how do I wire it thanks
  3. tuckfoo

    Ignition problem car not starting

    ive been working on it i got a new petronix ignition for it and it didn't change any thing, thank you guys so much for helping ,would anyone have a ignition wiring diagram a lot of this wiring looks pretty ghetto rigged
  4. tuckfoo

    Ignition problem car not starting

    it is petronix, yes it has been turned off
  5. tuckfoo

    Ignition problem car not starting

    i am getting 12 volts to the hot side of the coil the coil wire is good i have changed the coil ballast resistor and tried a different ignition switch
  6. All right so I did a oil change on the car and to prime the oil filter I pulled the coil wire off so it wouldn't start I put it back on and later tried to start the car and it would not start, sometimes when I let off it would backfire out of the backfire out of the carburetorand shootout White smoke now it'll turn over and it's not sparking when it's turning over but if I bump it right before the starter kicks it will spark
  7. tuckfoo

    down draft vs side draft

    I have acquired a rusty 510 with a million parts for stupid cheep its got a L20b and a U67 head CURRENTLY this will prob change but it has a offy intake and a 32/36 webber on it but i found a bunch of SU carbs and a manifold to go with them but i hear tuning them is hard and the linkage is a pain i also cant find the linkage what should I do ? :confused:

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