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  1. @datzenmike I just checked the carb after watching that video and it's a real Weber. It has all the proper signage and stampings.
  2. That's what I have except it doesn't line up and it looks a bit different than the one in that image, but it is the 2 piece. Maybe they sent the wrong adapters. I'll see if I can find those.
  3. I bought it from redline. It was recommended to me on this site. I will check out Pierce Manifolds and see what I can find. Thanks for a direction!
  4. 1979 Datsun 620 stock L20B engine I'm learning as I go. Had my engine rebuilt and will be putting a weber 32/36 and the studs don't line up on the intake. The 2 adapters that came with it also don't fit over the studs. The studs on the intake too close together. Is there any adapter kits anyone can link or possibly another intake that will fit my truck?
  5. I'm getting my engine rebuilt and was wanting to swap the carb on it. I am unsure of the carb size but it is the original carb. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Im looking to swap engines, not sure which one yet, then i need to know if ill need to change tranny and drive line and everything else. Im looking to get something thats pretty damn fast, but on a budget, can be used, i dont mind. I dont really know where to start. Less fabing ill have to do the better, but i can do it. My Dad passed a few years ago and he was the one that knew all about the Datsun minitrucks. Now that he is gone, im at a loss and dont know where to start. The engine i have in it now is a L20B which i do plan on rebuilding later on. Drag race speed is kind of where im leaning. Any and all suggestions are very welcome!
  7. i spell like i live, loosely. Leave me to it. datzenmike, i switched the tires and drove about 4-5 miles, no sound from the back at all. there may have been a slight noise in the front but it was so slight that it could have also just been the putting of the l20b engine, im not sure. now, is it still ok to drive? or should i get the tires changed as soon as possible? could the tire blow soon?
  8. Yes HOGIE, i put it all back together, and took it for a drive down the road and it was still happening. Thats after i pulled the break drum off and everything was as it should be. The problem started about 2 days ago. It wasnt under heavy use, just cruising on flat land through town. datzenmike, i did check the tires when i first heard the noise and immediately put air in the the front driver side tire, even though it wasnt low enough to cause the noise. but it was a bit low. the noise continued. i drove it home and took the tires off and inspected them for the high spots, and any kind of uneven ware due to rubbing or catching. there was none. i spun the tires and they spun normally. no side to side movement, and nothing was loose. and thats whats confusing me. i ruled out the only things i can imagine it to be.
  9. Also, as i break the fuzzzzbt gets longer. its something rubbing as it slows. im just wondering what im missing.
  10. my datsun b620 pickup has been making a noise that sounds like rubber rubbing on either metal or more rubber only when i break. it sounds like its coming from the rear driver side. i took the rear and front tire off and everything is good. nothing moves when and where it shouldnt. i took the break drum off and nothing is worn or broken. the tires do not show any sign of ware or gouging. i also do not see where the tire could be rubbing, its got a couple inches all around. but when i break i can hear the fuzzzzbt fuzzzzbt fuzzzzbt fuzzzzbt of the tire spinning. or at least its something thats spinning, im pretty sure. what could it possibly be?
  11. ok...no need to be a fucking dick. the little L20b engine isnt bad. i changed the muffler to stock from some jacked up, chopped, broken little muffler. was hoping to regain back pressure. it actually made the gas mileage worse. i was just wondering if there was anything i could change to help it run a little better.
  12. how do i get the best gas mileage from my datsun b620 pickup?
  13. its the tail light plug Here is the female end, its missing the metal bit that the prong on the male end slides into. the tail light works, but the break light doesnt come on. is there any way to fix it?
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