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  1. The failure in the column locking mechanism may also be causing the ignition lock feature to not work.
  2. You don't need those screws. Any metric machine thread screws the right length will do, probably pennies at a hardware store. The locking system in my 84 tilt column is starting to fail, but I am guessing wear someplace in the lock lever mechanism. I am a welder so might be an easy fix for me.
  3. You can always to get a shop to do a welding repair on the original manifold, cheaper than buying either.
  4. Damn! Didn't know you were going to get all mathematical on me but as long as the answer is something I can live with then I am happy- thank you very much. Deck plate will sit on the existing box pedestals and the tank will sit in the deck, attached by the original bolts to the deck so at least half the tank will be below the deck level so I guess that will give me an extra margin. Pictures will be forthcoming when I start the project, have to change right front axle on my 84 daily driver first then find the coolant leak on the 91 D21 then the project will commence.
  5. OK. Was just worried that part of the tank would be higher than the carb and might supply enough pressure when full to be more than carb inlet valve would handle. could always install a shut off valve, I guess.
  6. Kingcab. Someone has already done a redneck welding shortening of the box. Not cutting the springs, replacing with a shorter set, 5leaf stack from a trailer.
  7. Have an 85 720 4x4 I am going to make into a bush buggy, remove the box, install a deck, install shorter springs and cut about 3 feet off the frame. The fuel tank will be installed in the deck; just wondering if there would be any potential problems with the fuel tank relocation, eg syphoning, etc.
  8. Did you test the thermostat before installing? I got caught that way once, brand new out of the box thermostat was faulty. Test it by putting it in a pot of water on the stove and heating it up. Should open before the water starts boiling. If you have a wine making thermometer you can check the temperature of the water when it starts to open.
  9. Any 720's I have had came with a 5 speed.
  10. My Dad used to say if it didn't start first place to look is in the gas tank. What he meant was check the obvious first; in this case I would check the ignition switch.
  11. Where is a good place to buy one? Even with my discount at bakers it runs over 700 and still need the adapter plate.
  12. Looking for a good price in a 32/36 Weber.
  13. I did all my welding with a 110 wire feed using .023 wire. Just champfer the edges of your plate. Weld all sides and joints.
  14. I only used a 1/8" piece of plate, cut a hole in the back plate to run the hitch through and welded the hitch in, the hitch supplies most of the stiffening. Top plate looks thick because I tacked a piece of 1/4" round stock to it so there wasn't an edge to cut myself on. Easy-peasy, you should be able to do it yourself. Weld the hitch in first, then the plate welds in right where it sits on the hitch. Weld the hitch all the way around and it will be the strongest part of your whole truck. Easier if you take the bumper off to work on it. This would also be the best time to make sure your bumper is straight before you reinforce it.
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