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  1. Manifolds are rare? Better check my supply, have several. Also better keep the ones off the parts 84 I am scrapping.
  2. I have an 85 720 4x4 with a broken torsion bar. Looks like I will have to start from scratch with the broken one. How do I even figure out where to start the procedure as far as new torsion bar install position?
  3. What if you installed the steering column from the truck with power steering?
  4. Which Weber carb is commonly used on the 720 4x4's and what mileage can I expect?

    1. datzenmike


      A 32/36 down draft is good but a 38/38 will also work. I think the 32/36 is better driving and mileage almost as good as the stock carburetor as the secondary is progressive and only open above 60%? pedal. The 38/38 is more high performance and is too large in my opinion as it's for six cylinder and small V8 applications. Both barrels open at the same time so mileage and drive ability are not as good as the 32/36. 


      It's easier to live with a small carburetor and want a larger one than having a large carburetor and wish you had a smaller one.

    2. weldingrod


      Thinking of fabbing up a dual exhaust system for the quad, maybe a two-into-one muffler.   Found a great book for Nissan 720 info, Clymer 2- & 4-Wheel Drive Pickups shop manual covers 83-86.  Has just about every possible fuel, exhaust and emission set up and lays out all specs and procedures  for installing torsion bars. ISBN: 0-89287-388-4.

    3. weldingrod


      Would like to share torsion bar info here, how do I post pictures?


  5. Going to make a quad out of it, do you think I should post pictures?

    1. datzenmike


      Did Rose Kennedy have a black dress?????????






    2. weldingrod


      Hahaha- point taken.


  6. Hahaha, didn't break it, 85 720 4x4 came that way. Probably because they were using it to haul firewood. Redneck shortened box too.

    1. weldingrod


      Just found an old Clymer manual that lays out how to install torsion bars from scratch along with dimensions. Digging through my collection of old reggies and VIN plates trying to id rear diffy ratio in my parts truck, looks like the same as my daily driver. Then ran across a Ratsun post somewhere else wher you (Mike) said all 4x4's are 41's- plates and vins confirmed this so can swap out my worn diffy.

       Having an 84 2wheel delivered sometime soon for more parts. Gonna need a bigger shed.


  7. Just wondering what the procedure would be to replace a broken torsion bar. I am guessing jack front end up to specified height, remove broken bar, replace then tighten enough to support the front end to the specified height. 1984 720 4x4.
  8. Put the smaller 2wd into a 4x4, basically dropped in. Had to change the oil pan and oil pickup from the pooched 4x4 engine, everything fit. Also put in the bigger 4x4 clutch pack. When I changed oil pans I could see where the 2wd oil sump had been cut off and the 4x4 one welded on. Just something a welder would notice. My theory is the Japanese thought the 4x4 thing was just a fad but when it became a thing they converted the oil pans they had in stock to put out 4x4's until they had the tooling to make 4x4 oil pans.
  9. Front end adjustable by torsion bars, but I have no idea what going outside parameters does to steering geometry. Rear you can put the axle above the springs instead of below. Considering it is a 4x4, I like the height mine is from the factory.
  10. Good info on here Mike. soon as 91 2wd is ready to drive going to put 84 4x4 in shop. Needs some running gear work but mostly carb issues. Crappy milage but think there is a leak somewhere. Have to use it every day so just living with it for now. Some vacuum tubing missing so will have to deal with that, have the schematic you posted and a spare engine to copy. Couple carbs off some wrecked trucks laying around, have a kit, will get a finicky buddy of mine to rebuild one. Been saving all your replies to people in a file so I know the 4x4 carb has bigger barrels on the motor side. Will let you
  11. Put an 85 shaft into my 84, both had fittings at slip yoke, also u joints. Looked like original equipment. Had tp grind down the standard grease gun tip to get into the u joints. I worked in a transport shop for a few years, part of the job greasing trucks. Anywhere from 30-70 fittings depending on the truck and it's size. Rule of thumb- anywhere two pieces of metal meet and there is some kind of movement built in there should be a grease fitting. Some of them were his pretty well, but they were there.
  12. How is the floor pan and the frame? where in BC is it?
  13. Just wondering if there is any interest for 1976 620 two wheel drive parts. I have the opportunity to buy a parts vehicle and save it from the scrappers.
  14. Time Left: 1 day and 16 hours

    • WANTED
    • USED

    I am looking for the rear drive shaft for a 1984 Xcab 4x4 720. Cash or have 1984 singlecab 4x4 720 shaft to trade.


    Nanaimo, British Columbia - CA

  15. Is that the same transmission that is in the gas engine trucks?
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