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  1. Where is a good place to buy one? Even with my discount at bakers it runs over 700 and still need the adapter plate.
  2. Looking for a good price in a 32/36 Weber.
  3. I did all my welding with a 110 wire feed using .023 wire. Just champfer the edges of your plate. Weld all sides and joints.
  4. I only used a 1/8" piece of plate, cut a hole in the back plate to run the hitch through and welded the hitch in, the hitch supplies most of the stiffening. Top plate looks thick because I tacked a piece of 1/4" round stock to it so there wasn't an edge to cut myself on. Easy-peasy, you should be able to do it yourself. Weld the hitch in first, then the plate welds in right where it sits on the hitch. Weld the hitch all the way around and it will be the strongest part of your whole truck. Easier if you take the bumper off to work on it. This would also be the best time to make sure your bumper is straight before you reinforce it.
  5. Now I just have to build an anti rattle device that bolts on and stops that annoying rattle of the ball hitch into the receiver when towing a trailer. Get to know a welder!
  6. I have had up to 20 2x12x16" on my hitch extender with no problems, just welded in a hitch and boxed in the bumper. Shackles for trailer chains or pulling someone out of the mud, or getting myself pulled out. Yellow block is my parking brake for steep hills; yellow pipe wrench is bolted to the rear bumper, it is my anti tailgating device.
  7. Did you fab the carb plate first then weld it into the housing?
  8. weldingrod

    Loud Thunk

    Sounds more like a suspension issue.
  9. Kinda my thought. Of course, I am a welder so have the proper tools/training for solving those kinds of problems. I am not so hot at wiring problems though, when welders use electricity they produce heat, smoke and flames- apparently not a good thing when dealing with wiring.
  10. Do you have a spare Nissan air filter housing? Adapt that to the Weber.
  11. Checked in, "Product (carbs) Currently Unavailable".

  12. weldingrod

    Loud Thunk

    Mine was a combination of the slider driveshaft joint and a worn rear end. Slider joint damage caused by rear end- installed spare diffy from parts truck so have a rebuildable rear end if anyone is interested. Does it clunk when applying throttle or releasing it? Other comment here about physically wiggling parts underneath a good place to start.
  13. As you can see, when I am finished with a vehicle there isn't much left for the scrapper.
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