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  1. weldingrod

    Camper/shell for the 720s

    Had one a few years ago, tried to sell it, no takers. Tried to give it away, same result. Hated to but finally scrapped it.
  2. weldingrod

    side view mirrors .. looking for something bigger

    I assume your mirrors are attached right to the door. I would scrap those, get some brackets (came factory on some Nissans) then you can attach any mirror you want. The 4x4's had a swivel mount so if you hit something the mirror bracket would just fold over on swivels instead of denting the door or ripping the mirror off.
  3. weldingrod

    Bypass Fuel Pump Relay?

    Used jumper and pump not running. Pump runs when hooked up to a battery. All fuses good. New relay installed. Test shows 12 volts at pump connection. Pump has been stripped, filter cleaned, reassembled and bench tested before reinstall. All new fuel lines tank to carb.
  4. weldingrod

    Bypass Fuel Pump Relay?

    Pump runs off battery, new relay, tank full. Many years ago my Father taught me if something won't start/run the first thing you check is the fuel. New lines pump to carb and return. According to the idiot test jumpers at relay plug are side by side, right?
  5. weldingrod

    Bypass Fuel Pump Relay?

    OK, new relay installed, checked pump with 12volt source and it works, checked wiring from relay to pump and getting 12 volts, checked fuses all good, still no joy! Jumped relay plug, no action from pump. Hate to tow it to a shop but looking like only option at this point.
  6. weldingrod

    Rear Window: The Solid vs Slider Debate

    I have an old 84 740 (now a parts truck) and the ventilation or security issues never occurred to me. It just seemed to clutter up the clean lines of that part of the cab.
  7. weldingrod

    1980 single cab short bed

    Wood lift should just be acting as spacer. You should be able to remove it and drop it onto the original frame mounts. Pictures a big help in describing situation.
  8. weldingrod

    I think my tranny broke down

    Never checked the oil................ I am at a loss for words.
  9. weldingrod

    squeeling power steering pump

    You didn't define really cold, but oils are thicker and lose viscosity when they get cold. After you drive it for a while does it go back to normal? If so that means the oil has warmed up and the pump is operating normally. Mike, re: fuel pump relay- had a torrential downpour the day I removed the relay and there was a small leak in the windshield directly above the relay. When I took it out smelled of burned wiring. So, a new relay and also windshield gasket. Might as well put in a new windshield too, old one cracked. Any hints as to glass suppliers? All windshield replacement shops in Nanaimo operate through two suppliers, neither of whom have a 1984windshield.
  10. weldingrod

    Correct manual transmission gear oil

    I use 80/90 GearLube. in any gearbox.
  11. weldingrod

    AC Condenser

    AC is horsepower used= poorer gas mileage. I use the 470 method myself. Open 4 windows and drive 70mph.
  12. weldingrod

    Bypass Fuel Pump Relay?

    Using that schematic of wiring plug, for bench test, oil switch power should power pump. accessory power should power pump. power from fuse 5 should power pump. power from alternator should power pump. This should diagnose all circuits in relay. Is that right?
  13. weldingrod

    Bypass Fuel Pump Relay?

    Guess not an issue with me because mine doesn't work but maybe a good idea to check that circuit while I have the passenger seat out to remove fuel pump relay.
  14. weldingrod

    Bypass Fuel Pump Relay?

    Or will just cranking the engine power those wires?
  15. weldingrod

    Bypass Fuel Pump Relay?

    And it may not even be relay. If alternator wire or oil pressure switch wire not powered when running shuts off relay. Can't run truck, so can't test for power.

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