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  1. Just wondering if there is any interest for 1976 620 two wheel drive parts. I have the opportunity to buy a parts vehicle and save it from the scrappers.
  2. Time Left: 12 days and 17 hours

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    I am looking for the rear drive shaft for a 1984 Xcab 4x4 720. Cash or have 1984 singlecab 4x4 720 shaft to trade.


    Nanaimo, British Columbia - CA

  3. Is that the same transmission that is in the gas engine trucks?
  4. Time Left: 13 days and 6 hours

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    $30 plus shipping. Located Nanaimo, BC, Canada


    Nanaimo, British Columbia - CA

  5. I have a 1984 Nissan 4x4, xtra cab, and I want to get a kit to rebuild the carburetor. Most north american vehicles have the information (model, number,etc.) embossed right into the carb body. Early Datsun/Nissans just used a little piece of heavy tinfoil held on by one of the bolts on top of the carb for this information and I have yet to see one of those tags that survived. How do I know which kit to get. Also, have a few spare carbs laying around, is there any way I can tell the smaller engine carb from the bigger one? Mike the barrels or something? Or are they all the same carb?
  6. Figured at least 20mpg because hardly over 4000 rpm around town. I know carb needs a rebuild, just have to figure out which kit to get. Older Nissans didn't emboss numbers on carb bodies, just attached a silly little aluminum tab to a carb screw and I have yet to see one that has lasted. Then, with carb and cleaner off, will replace ALL those little tubes.
  7. Decal gone but that looks more like what I should have. Runs ok (except for needing carb rebuilt) but only getting about 15 mpg. Have had a few 720's and should be getting twice that. I think the missing components might have something to do with that. Thanks Mike, your the go to source.
  8. Somebody posted a schematic for all those friffin' 1/4" size rubber lines running all over the engine bay, shows one line going to passenger side (inner fender I am assuming) but I have 3 thingies there. 1984 720 4x4 xcab.
  9. weldingrod


    So, sensor powered?
  10. weldingrod


    Have three or four dashboards in my shed,might have a tach. Before you go crazy, though, check the drive cable. Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
  11. If you really must have a diesel, consider a 3cylinder Yanmar. Don't know if adaptors are available to the tranny, though. Big deal in Europe right now, people putting Cummins into old American built cars.
  12. Now I AM irritated. Sold my 1993 50 xcab 4x4 with same driveline. The '93 had the one ton running gear.You are getting about what the new trucks are getting but no matter how often I checked, was getting around 27 mpg town and highway with a camper on. Maybe different gears in the one ton? That was better milage than my '84 720 Nissan. In all fairness, I do know the 720 needs a carb rebuild.
  13. If you want to go that route might as well buy an old Dodge 4x4 with the 12 valve Cummings and drop the 720 body on top. Be much cheaper but will still have to extend the 720 body about two feet on the front to make room for motor and radiator. Height won't matter, just lift body until there is room.
  14. Boils down to two things, not enough room and the suspension/running gear can't handle the power/torque.
  15. No way to tell from that picture. I have an 84 720 4x4 with the 22 engine but I know that because I put it in.
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