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  1. weldingrod

    MSD 6A

    Might be just me, but I like to keep any electronic device as far away from any heat source as I can. Just sayin'.
  2. Thanks Mike, always learn something new here. Going to have a 2wheel drive shortly for demolition, will post years etc. in Classifieds when it arrives.
  3. weldingrod

    Transmission Swap

    Are the 1984 720 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive transmissions interchangeable?
  4. Are they radial tires? They are designed with a flexible sidewall. Recently moved a couple of loads of bricks, 1500 lbs. per load without any problem in my 84 720 4x4.
  5.  I tried to put a Z24 carburetor on an L20B intake and the two bolt holes on the left side of the Z24 carburetor were wider apart. Now maybe the Z22 are the same as the Z24 but better check this. 


    AS for jetting, don't know, but you have the Z24 jets you can swap in?. 

    1. datzenmike




      I kept the intake as it was, and oval-ed the holes in the Z24 carb base and dremeled around them to get the studs through. I wanted to be able to return to an L20B carb if I wanted. I'm almost positive I checked the Z22 carb against the L20B base and it was the same.

  6. Any reason why I can't use the 2liter 720 carb on the 2.4?

  7. Is that the same 2.4 engine as in the 1984720?
  8. From taillights how far forward?
  9. Sadly, the weight of the spare tire eventually destroys that cross member. Also, as you have found out, when you do finally need a spare you can't access it. I am building a couple of brackets to hold two spare tires in the truck bed in a vertical position behind the wheel wells, take up hardly any room. Just get in there with some kind of cutting implement and cut the chain, retrieve your tire, take all that hokey spare mount shit out of there and put it in the pickup bed for now. Then consider mounting it vertically in the bed against the side; behind the wheel well make it more accessible although if you are going for style mount it in front of the wheel well. Just putting mine behind because have a short box and not enough room ahead.
  10. Vancouver Island. Wondering if there is much interest in 720 parts. Have a potential source of vehicles and am wondering if it is worth my time, effort and cash outlay to buy them and part them out.
  11. Just throwing this out there, wondering how many people on Vancouver Island looking for parts. There is a possibility I may be able to acquire some vehicles for parting out and am wondering if it is worth my time/expense. Vehicles would be mostly 720's.
  12. Don't throw them away. They are what we McGyvers call "patterns". Unless you are totally anal about using factory parts, just get some 1/8" neoprene rubber sheet, cut out some new ones, and install. I generally use rivets instead of those pathetic little plastic body fasteners.
  13. weldingrod

    My Nissan 720

    Don't think the mileage in my 84 720 4x4 is too hot, but I do know the carb needs to be replaced, leaking at butterfly shaft ends. But I do get 100kph in fourth at around 3800 rpm and there is still 5th gear.
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