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    1984 720 4x4
  1. gunsmith

    looking for replacement Rag Joint

    Ok, got the rebuild kit from Autozone. part number 31000 alt number 705-060-S worked GREAT!. Thank you!!!
  2. gunsmith

    looking for replacement Rag Joint

    Thank you! Looks like the part is still available at autozone, going pick on up and see if it'll work!
  3. gunsmith

    looking for replacement Rag Joint

    Hey, Does anyone know of a source where I can get a replacement Rag joint for the steering in my 1984 720 4x4? I'm having trouble locating one or if someone knows a alternative part number(s) or year(s) that are compatible would be great! Thank you!
  4. Hello to everyone! I been reading the topics and searching to if an answer to my question has already been posted but I've had no luck. I recently bought 1984 Nissan 4x4 King Cab with Z24 that has duel coils and spark plugs. My question is when hooking up a timing light do I use the #1 exhaust spark plug wire for the timing light pickup or the #1 intake spark plug wire? I been using the #1 exhaust to set the timing seems to be correct and running good, but I would like confirmation. Thank you! I really enjoying this forum.

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