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  1. I have a 1984 720 4wheel drive that's been in an accident. I'm looking at a 1986 d21 with a bad motor, but it is 2wd how big of a deal would it be to convert the d21 into a 4 wheel drive using the '84 720 for parts?
  2. Thank you! I really appreciate the information! It's an '84, the grill probably was changed sometime during its long life. Hoping to keep it going. I do love this little truck!
  3. Hello! I need help locating parts. Had an accident I need parts, or a parts vehicle any resources will be useful. I want to fix her. I located in the state of North Carolina
  4. Would the same modifications apply if I find another 84' FS5W71B non 4x4 transmission?
  5. When I drained the oil I did not find any ball bearing in the oil, so if they haven't falling out of the cage yet, they will I'm assuming. My truck is a 4x4 will a non 4x4 tranny work? I know the transfer box is separate from the tranny, but what about the cross members and clutch hydraulic assist and all that external stuff?
  6. There was less than a quart drained out and there was a small piece of metal it looks like a small curve piece that had small rivet on each end like what's sticking to the left side of the magnet in the photo above. I do have a small leak at the top of the tranny where the cylinder looking thing that the shifter is attached to goes into the transmission body..
  7. MY truck is a 1984 720 extended cab 4x4 2.4L gas engine and FS5W71B transmission. A couple of weeks ago a new noise started it sounded like a tapping sound ONLY when I shifted into 5th gear. Gears 1-4 were smooth and quite. The engine runs smoothly no issues, normal amount of power, normal throttle response nothing wrong that I can fine. Since I 've own the truck (2yrs) I've never changed or checked the tranny fluid, I removed the filler plug and could not feel any fluid, I decided then to drain it and put in new fluid. The only fluid I could find the specifically stated would hurt the "y
  8. Is GearLube a specific brand name like STP or Mobile or Royal Purple, etc?
  9. I have 1984 720 4x4 5 speed manual transmission. What is the correct gear oil to use in it? Specific manufactures name would be very much appreciated.
  10. I own 1984 720 4x4 king cab truck with 2.4l carb engine, manual transmission. About a week ago the oil idiot light came on dimly and stays on. The truck is equipped with the factory oil pressure gauge. The gauge reads about 30-40 psi at idle and goes up to 50-60 when rpms are higher. I believe the gauge to be working correctly. What else in the circuitry between the oil pressure sending unit could be causing this light to stay on dimly? Could the oil pressure sending unit be sending the correct signal to the gauge and still cause the idiot light to stay on dimly? Is there
  11. Ok, got the rebuild kit from Autozone. part number 31000 alt number 705-060-S worked GREAT!. Thank you!!!
  12. Thank you! Looks like the part is still available at autozone, going pick on up and see if it'll work!
  13. Hey, Does anyone know of a source where I can get a replacement Rag joint for the steering in my 1984 720 4x4? I'm having trouble locating one or if someone knows a alternative part number(s) or year(s) that are compatible would be great! Thank you!
  14. Hello to everyone! I been reading the topics and searching to if an answer to my question has already been posted but I've had no luck. I recently bought 1984 Nissan 4x4 King Cab with Z24 that has duel coils and spark plugs. My question is when hooking up a timing light do I use the #1 exhaust spark plug wire for the timing light pickup or the #1 intake spark plug wire? I been using the #1 exhaust to set the timing seems to be correct and running good, but I would like confirmation. Thank you! I really enjoying this forum.
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