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    Charlie69's 86 720 King Cab DD

    Kick panels As for pure HiFi listening are great because of the path lengths distance from your ears.Your driving , the left door speaker is much closer=louder, Now take you hands and put the left close to your ear and right hand driver side-ish.Strech the all the way out.The difference from left to right is now much smaller---almost like your in the center. Okay if you can give a bleep bleep about that.Kicks are great if all you need is basic sound. Usually the back is for woofers.Full range speakers nice like boxed up 6/9s would be ok. Yocom

    Charlie69's 86 720 King Cab DD

    Let me start of with if we where to all the same it would be a very boring place. Mike is right about doors larger and protected.Things can get very ugly looking if done wrong. Because of my car audio wants and being in a 720--thin door. I have to use door pods to fit the depth of the 6.5 midbass speaker.I have this set in my truck.My highs speakers.http://precisionpower.com/product/p-65c3/ I plan on later moving the two smaller speakers in custom kicks and make new smaller pods for the midbass for the doors.New upholstery Yocom

    Charlie69's 86 720 King Cab DD

    Charlie The heat barrier is something i have never needed so im new to that also---I will look into it.Mabye I can add some help. For normal deadener I live in Cali your in Az and it gets hot is reason for non tar/asphalt based stuff.Its been tested and tried dont seem work out in hot climates. Your looking for butyl Something in 80 mil should be ok for you.And im going to back out on saying dont buy rolled up deadener--Id just like sheet lol.Also dont forget you will need a roller. Look at the rolls of GT mat--they ship fast and priced right. Yocom https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=sound+deadener+80+mil&_sacat=0&LH_TitleDesc=0&_osacat=0&_odkw=sound+deadener+80+mil&LH_TitleDesc=0

    Charlie69's 86 720 King Cab DD

    Charlie I just read the last few post.Lol Im that guy who ruins his doors--But I just dont throw junk in them ..Because im really big into car audio ive learn some things about deadner.Pretty much all your doing is adding weight.The stuff at home depot isnt going to work long term--stay away from tar based products.Dynomat is a great deadner but a person is mostly paying for the name.Buy thicker sheets--not in rolls. Its like painting with cheap house paint= more coats=more paint/money.Alot more work and no savings. Sorry if you already knew all this.It might help some one who first timer. Yocom P.S The engine area im not so sure about.

    After market mirrors move too easily

    After market mirrors move too easily They dont flop around or anything close but do slowly get out of place after 55mph or more.With the screws tight of curse ive tried the oem tension springs set up and also added some thin tar like stuff to the ball/socket.Both helped but not a full fix.Any suggestions. Thanks,Yocom

    Speedometer question

    Big Thanks too both Mikes.I really think your right!! Just how hard would it be to fined a metric overlay? Thanks,Yocom

    Speedometer question

    I have a base 84 2wd 720 205/70/14 tires My speedo is way off.At 35mph it reads 55.55mph reads 75ish ,70mph reads 95ish.Speedo starts off at zero. Could I just need a good cluster? Is a 4x4 compatible? Thanks,Yocom

    1986 Nissan 720 base 2wd build

    Lugnut You say you only need one right?I have one left over from a set I bought.Pm me your home addy and ill send it out to you. Yocom

    d21 ac to napz 2.4?

    Charlie I need everything lol.The biggest of thanks for your offer.-----I need to pass for now but hey im sure theres others here who would love to purchase those from you. Thanks again,Yocom

    d21 ac to napz 2.4?

    Thats too bad.I was offered the parts for very cheap and on I pay my buddy just whenever type of credit deal. Thanks,Yocom

    d21 ac to napz 2.4?

    d21 ac to napz 2.4? My buddy has all the hardware from his now gone hardbody.Has this been done? And in a nut shell how much is involved? Yocom

    sun visor clips

    Money sent as gift. Thanks TDC Yocom

    sun visor clips

    Lets know where to send payment when the time comes please. Yocom

    sun visor clips

    Very interested please lets know your price. Yocom

    Headliner 720 single cab

    Hello My upholsterer tells me that my 84 720 single cab needs the windshield and back window remooved before preplacing the headliner Is that right? Yocom

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