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  1. erick101sd

    Coilover conversion

    Ohh okay I think you just gave me an idea of what I need to do and any suggestion of springs? I want be lowered and kind of stif its my daily and I drive with passengers in the back don't want to be rubbing
  2. erick101sd

    Coilover conversion

    I have weld on coilovers in the front and just need to drop the rear because I'm running 13x7
  3. erick101sd

    Coilover conversion

    Has anybody done a rear coilover swap on a 81 datsun 210 yet? If so what kind of coilover did you swap?
  4. Thanks everyone! I will get into what I need to know.
  5. My car is stock high. I don't know what size I want yet, but I want to put wide rims( deep dish in a way) in the back.
  6. Need help on wheel brand options for my 210. Any recommendations?
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