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  1. x33Nyx


    thank you. i'll be needing support from you people to keep up :angel:
  2. x33Nyx


    so this is how it was [/url]">http:// [/url]">http://http://s36.photobucket.com/user/x33Nyx/media/IMAG0320_zpscnrvljua.jpg.html'> visit my site there are more pics :thumbup: :thumbup:
  3. x33Nyx


    it doesn't even exist here, so i just call it by the name "kenmeri" or KGC110 the name mostly recognisable in coar communities
  4. x33Nyx


    B210 and 310s are too common here and I just can't tolerate what they do to them. They just make stock look worse than what I can explain. I just don't want to be my b310 in that way. it's not a car kit but some sort of a short clone? And lowrides or chambering is a nightmare because of road conditions. I really appreciate all the comments and I'll be updating few images. It was a car left to rot in a junkyard so filled with major rust. Rather restoring it thought of making a kenmeri model of of it because it. is always been my dream car
  5. x33Nyx


    thanks for that awesome write up figured it in no time. so these kind of measurements are what im looking for [/url]">http://http://s36.photobucket.com/user/x33Nyx/media/help_zpsdksclbcx.jpg.html'>
  6. x33Nyx


    i still dont know how to post a picture in this forum. im like very new to this.if so i can post a picture the thing i wanted where i have an edited image of things. idea is to shape shift a b310 1979 to a 1976 kenmeri
  7. x33Nyx


    Hi I'm new to this forum. I desperately need help and was got here by accident and I hope many of u can help me indeed. I read so many topics of modifications and so and so.from morning till now to see that anyone has posted any regarding this top avoid any duplicate posts. But unfortunately i couldn't fin such. So seeking help from anyone who's willing to. I own a 1979 datsun b310 and have started working on it recently. Goal is to modify it majorly in shape and then go under the hood. In terms of modifying I mentioned is not just adding scopes or turbo anything but major shape change. This may sound a pretty weird but where I come from there are no old JDMs. There is one 510 recently been imported and that's the only thing I know exists till up to date. What I seek help in to make a progress I need few measurement details of a nissan KGC110 AKA Kenmeri 1976 2door. This might be wierd for u people but this effort is to make a kenmeri in a country where u can't buy or see one. The details I need at the moment are as following. forgive me i dont know what they call so i have added a picture of what i need with markings front fender length length of door(coupe model) the set height from bottom At the moment I need only these to make progress. Please if there is anyone could help its very appreciated.

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