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  1. Smardo

    Possible J13 for sale. Any interest?

    I am in Denver also with a j13, how many miles on yours?
  2. Smardo


    Actually, I have 17 inch wheels on with pretty tall tires so I figgured I'm getting around a 4.00-1.
  3. Smardo


    Wow! I cant believe you went to such trouble to help me! It is greatly appreciated. Till now i have felt like a chump with some of the info I've been getting. You are fabulous! Thank you.
  4. Smardo


    Ratio too high. Heard the width of the s10. Was 2 inches wider. Have one inch on hubs now.
  5. Smardo


    Will an s10 diff bolt up to a 520 driveshaft?
  6. Smardo

    Datsun 520 engine swapz

    Has anyone looked at the gm ecotec? Using them on the high performance trykes. If you have to rebuid the mounts and adjust the driveshaft anyway, why not get an entire driveline that's not rare.
  7. Smardo


    So sorry! Trying to piece together a rebuild from scratch. Trans is from a 1972 510 four door. There are two sensors at the rear right that are missing from the gearbox I have. Would like to find out where available. Thanks for the help.
  8. Smardo


    Where to get the sensor plugs at the back of trans on 510
  9. Smardo

    gm ecotec engine

    I am new to the forum, and would like to study your suggestion as to following Jesses' thread. Would you please direct me as to how I might be able to find his notes?
  10. Smardo

    gm ecotec engine

    the v6 is a really cool looking engine. I had hoped that the 2 L engine would be easier to deal with. I had thought about replacing the j13 with an L16, which would probably take retooling the driveshaft, motor mounts, and trans cross member. Then, thought if you have to do all of that, why not put in a newer version engine with less weight and more horse power. Would it be reasonable to think if I could get a ecotec engine with gearbox and driveshaft, then have the drive shaft altered to fit it could work?
  11. Smardo

    gm ecotec engine

    Does anyone have information about swapping a gm ecotec engine in a 520?
  12. Smardo

    520 motor mounts

    For those who have swapped a 620 engine into a 520, how did you arrange the motor mounts?

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