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  1. stretcher66

    71 510 air cleaner

  2. stretcher66

    71 510 air cleaner

    i am talking about the whole metal housing that the air filter goes in.
  3. stretcher66

    71 510 air cleaner

    I have looked on the WWW and can not seem to find any aircleaners (stock) for a 71 510. I dont need one, but just a price range as I have one that I want to sell. But I do not know what something like that goes for. Any help in the right direction would be great. thanks
  4. stretcher66


    well i got it with a piece of plexi glass (actually a good fit job) but would prefer some real glass. i found one on ebay for $95 with free shipping. but received a email from the sender today that he accidently broke the glass while boxing it up to send.....
  5. stretcher66


    Is there any sources for reproduction glass for 510's out there? I need a drivers side rear window for my 71 goon.
  6. stretcher66

    510 headlight relay How-to upgrade/repair

    so i just unplug the plugs from the passenger side plug and tap into those for the new relays. and thats it? no cutting or splicing right?
  7. stretcher66

    510 headlight relay How-to upgrade/repair

    so by doing this upgrade there will be a total of 3 relays for the headlights? the way i am understanding it is that the original relay stays connected and the new ones are triggered by it downstream. I am not good at electrical so i might be misunderstanding this. i thought that doing the upgrade would eliminate the original relay.
  8. stretcher66

    under dash light

    thank you, that makes total sense now. this was a auto from the factory but has 5 speed now.
  9. stretcher66

    under dash light

    well it has a red with blue stripe and a black wire which shows the engine compartment light. but this thing only has 6 inches of slack in the wires. maybe it is tangled further up under the dash. Sorry about the crappy photo but its all i got.
  10. stretcher66

    under dash light

    on my 71 wagon, there is a light that is under the dash, running up the steering column. it comes on when the headlights are on, but i can not find where it is supposed to be mounted at. i would take a pic but i have misplaced my phone at some point today so with it being MIA i have no camera. it takes a single screw . any help is appriciated. thanks
  11. stretcher66

    goon gas cap mod

    i have a 71 510 goon and hate the huge exposed gascap. i have searched but have not found if anyone has modified the cap behind a door from another vehicle or fabricated one themselves. anyone know of anything about doing this?
  12. stretcher66

    alternator pulley hits lower radiator outlet

    you are right it was that. but i ordered one for a 1980 280zx and it fits perfect, i just had to get a longer belt and it bolted up just right. thanks everyone for your input.
  13. stretcher66

    alternator pulley hits lower radiator outlet

    Well i am not sure if it is because it is a 60 amp that i am trying to install or if it is because it is a autozone reman. but the pulleys would not line up regardless, and this one sticks out a little over a half in further than the orig.... going to take it back and look at some of the 280zx and saturn alternators.
  14. i know first of all i should not have probably gone to autoblown for a alternator. but on my 71 510 goon the alternator took a dump on me. so i figured i would do the IR upgrade. the best i could figure was the 78 240sx alt since it had the same t-plug on it. i got it home and everything looked good til i started bolting it up and the bolt that holds the pulley on, hits my lower radiator outlet...Any suggestions would be awesome. thanks.
  15. stretcher66

    510 wagon brake light switch

    Thanks for the tips, it turned out to be the connections at the horn relay were rusted pretty bad. but i finally have all the electrical worked out. Now to finish the bodywork.

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