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  1. 0ver0range

    Blinker Issues

    That's a neat piece of info about flasher units. I may put my original one back in just becausae it's louder and apparently is still working fine. All of the bulbs are fine; I even replaced a few. So that's not an issue. Wiring in the back also seems fine in matching up with diagrams. I discovered that while I press the brake down and indicate right, without a key in the ignition, the parking brake light and the fasten seat belt light will flash, not the indicator arrow, and a beep will sound. The flashing and beeping will slow down as I put the parking/running lights on, and then more so when I put the head lights on. This doesn't happen when I indicate left. So does this likely mean there's some funky wiring behind the dash? or could it still be a simple fix/ a result of a short somewhere?
  2. 0ver0range

    Blinker Issues

    I just developed a new problem with my blinkers after fixing my speedometer: whenever I flip my blinkers to the left, they work perfectly normal. But when flipping them to the right, they blink much quicker, lights are dimmer, and both back lights blink while the correct front one blinks. The hazards work correctly. When I apply the brakes and flip the blinkers to the right, the indicator arrow stays lit up and no ticking noise is heard; however, applying the brakes and indicating left works as normal. I have since replaced the flasher relay and this has solved two issues: the issue of abnormal ticking speed, both right and left flash at a normal interval, and the issue of dim lights while indicating right. The other issues remain, though, and it's weird because this problem just started yesterday; unless I was completely oblivious to it. Perhaps someone has had an issue similar and can point me in the right direction, or just educate me on the type of thought process required to solve these problems since I am not a skilled car person by any means.
  3. 0ver0range

    Speedometer Help

    Well, I was working on taking the speedometer out from behind the dash when I heard a snapping sound and the needle slowly dropped down to 10 mph.... so it magically works now, which is a good thing, and I'll leave it as is until I decide to take it out another time. Thanks for the help.
  4. 0ver0range

    Speedometer Help

    Thanks for the suggestions! I'll plan on taking it out this weekend to see if I can fix the issue.
  5. 0ver0range

    Speedometer Help

    Hi everyone, The speedometer on my 'brand new' '79 620 remains stuck on 40 mph until I reach that speed, then it functions as normal at 40 and above. Would this be indicative of cable issues or do you think I should buy a new speedometer head? I greatly appreciate your input.

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