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  1. johndias831

    510 rear springs / roadster guys

    Hey guy's I know this is an old thread but I'm doing the suspension on my 510 and I found that you can actually use 3rd gen 4 runner and tacoma FRONT springs in the REAR of you car. They have a 3 inch inner diameter a 5/8 coil diameter and they have an uncut spring rate of 590. They're long and will need to be cut down but that will land you with a significantly increased spring rate that will be anywhere from 675-875. Mine are 760 and roughly equates to 200 when divided by 3.8 (to factor in that the springs arent above the wheel center line. Give it a try those looking to make the rear stiff because these springs are plentiful and they fit well.
  2. johndias831

    Do I need bumpsteer spacers

    Thank you guys very much this is really helpful
  3. johndias831

    Do I need bumpsteer spacers

    A few questions for the suspension forum. I am about to start the 280zx front strut upgrade and I was wondering wether KYB front inserts where any good for just a simple street set up. Another question is I am going to lower the car very slightly wondering wether the steering geoemtry will be changed enough to need bumpsteer spacers. Thank you

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