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    see craigslist ad here for images; https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/pts/d/albany-datsun-510-parts/7117808083.html a few DATSUN 510 parts for sale... due to the current social distancing I want to negotiate what you want and at what price before meeting up to not waste my time or or yours. I'm in the East Bay, CA and would like to meet up in Albany, Berkeley, etc... I might consider shipping, lets talk first.Let me know what you are interested in and give me an offer. Prices listed for each item assume I'd sell one at a time and are OBO. I will update the ad as items are soldemail is best.Thanks, vintage 1983 MOMO monte carlo steering wheel, leather (needs love) 300mm? 12+in. $100 OBOvintage DATSUN MOMO steering wheel horn button $80 OBOBMW ellipsoid headlights for DATSUN 510 conversion (look it up), full set of 4 $40 OBOAutogage Autometer 5" tach $60 OBOshort stem bullet fender mirrors (one mirror glass broke and I used a plastic dome mirror for increase visibility on the passenger side) $40 OBOstock 510 seat rails $30 OBOebay fender roller $20 OBODATSUN 510 drag link and idler arm cores for rebuild $80 OBODATSUN 510 spare tire, scissor jack and wheel chocks $40 OBODATSUN 510 front strut tower caps $20universal ebay coilover sleeves, lock rings and 7" springs $15 OBODATSUN 280zx L&R front hubs with disc brakes, and calipers including carrier brackets $150The below are free with other purchased items if its worth my timecut rear springs (not stock spring rate, I do not know source)misc. battery cable2x universal wheel spacers~2gal gas canDATSUN 510 steering knuckles 1969 11mm balljointsI am also looking for 510 rear control arms with matching hubs (backing plate, drums etc... not needed). Willing to do partial trades.Thanks,


    Albany, California - US

  3. Code: 106522079100995235 Thank You for Being a RockAuto Customer! Using your discount code is easy! Enter your discount code in the 'How Did You Hear About Us?' box without any other numbers or characters for an additional 5% savings. Discounts cannot be applied once an order is marked as shipped. Your code expires on June 9, 2019, so do not wait!
  4. this celica is pretty sweet too https://youtu.be/UNJsfLCQWDM?t=366
  5. can someone tell me what this ride is? @ 7:13 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNJsfLCQWDM&feature=youtu.be&t=433 <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/UNJsfLCQWDM?start=433" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  6. Registered here when I was looking to buy my current 510. Had been a lurker forever, but actually needed to ask a few questions. I've had a 260z and a goon prior but for the last 10 years if I had needed to RSVP to a datsun owners gettogether my response would have been plusnone.... 😢😕 I guess technically, I'd be a plus one, now! But doesn't have the same ring to it... Also, the dime is kinda my escape. My time away from wife, kids, work.... so plusnone?
  7. Happy New years to you as well. I owe you a response to your pm from a few days back, but I'll chime in here to your questions above as I've just gone through most of this (my project thread is in desperate need of an update...). I'd say if your interested in efi, then tune up your carb first so you have a reliable driver while you piece parts together and can have something to swap back on as you test the efi set up. When you're fully converted, you have a running carb and mani to sell... For the front end, source the 14 mm steering arms and go from there
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  9. The aud-dat-citi... All kidding aside, I'm enjoying the build!
  10. Time Left: 6 days and 19 hours

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    Hoping someone local has an extra set of control arms they don't need. Also looking for a rear seat in any condition. I'm in the SF Bay area, CA and will drive to you. I'm low on funds but I might have some parts for trade + $. Let me know if your interested, PM me and we'll figure something out. Thanks


    Berkeley, Ca

  11. Nice score! I'll be watching your build! Also, this shot reminded me of my late night gas stop while picking up my 69
  12. Check this site for other colors and possible naming as well. http://www.automotivetouchup.com/touch-up-paint/datsun/1969/all-models/
  13. 1983 VOLKSWAGEN RABBIT 1.8L L4 MONROE 86355 (86355:P) These are about 2" shorter.. i.e 2" needs to be sectioned or made up with internal spacers or a combination of spacers and sectioning with the 280zx strut. Can't speak to ride quality on these Monroes, still piecing together my front end but rockauto had them for cheap. FYI based on a quick mock up, I'm finding I'll bind my TC rod and stock sway bar before bottoming the 280zx strut (un-sectioned). Protip, add some spacer above the insert ( in the strut) so even if the strut body bottoms out the insert will not.
  14. Pretty sure I have the same rear coilovers. Curious about not having a locking set screw, clamping collar or second collar to "double nut." Have you used these before, any slippage, thoughts, etc.... Mine is just sitting for the time being and I've been wondering about the ProShock setup. Also, beautiful build! The color choice and attention to detail are spot on. I hope you drive this thing hard, it's lovely and deserves to be anything but a trailer queen!!! Given your enthusiasm, I don't think it'll sit much.
  15. 8160042073306128 Exp June 17 5% off
  16. A few more... Datsuns Others These are awesome btw
  17. 7974620371602939 5% Expires may 20
  18. At least the other 5k will be spent making the car into what you want it to be...
  19. Make a deposit, take the car and begin the registration process only to pay the balance upon successful title transfer. If there are back fees, these come out of the balance. Get it in your name before you put any work into it. I did this to get my project car and it saved me from $800+ in back fees. But that's here in CA, not sure what your state's process is. I'd pick it up for 2k. Offer a grand deposit and see what happens. Also, +$2-3k to get it going might be high but better to err on the high side. And don't think you'll get it dailying by a set date... life, $$$, and scope creep
  20. Ohhhh, what'll a set of those shinny C pillar vents run me? Thanks!
  21. Try these, they are more forgiving of surface irregularities... https://www.amazon.com/Brake-Fitting-Banjo-Sealing-Washers/dp/B01LYGO3YM
  22. 7124289356663770 expires December 16, 2017
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