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  1. i have radiators and door glass

  2. Time Left: 11 days and 14 hours

    • WANTED
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    Looking for a 510/521 radiator, passenger door glass and rear passenger door quarter glass. '71 510 wagon.


    Vernonia, Oregon - US

  3. Seems overkill. It has two lines going into it so it's at least 2 piston. I still haven't found sparco brake calipers anywhere
  4. I also thought it looked like the sparco S but...Does sparco make brake calipers? I havent been able to find any. More pics soon.
  5. I can but it will be awhile, the car doesn't live where I do...will update with another picture when I can. Probably tomorrow. Thanks Mike.
  6. I need help identifying these calipers. They are fronts on my 1972 510 with an unkown past. They have been sitting for a long time and also don't even seem to fit. The hub rubs the caliper...whoever had this car did some interesting things. Anyone recognize that logo "S"? They are dual piston calipers. http://
  7. Came out with my wife, my Dad and my sister in our trucks. Absolutely loved the venue and had a blast seeing everyone's cars. There was so much more room to spread out both to show cars and to camp than at Canby, I hope we continue to have the show on the same weekend at Powerland. We will be there! Thanks Jbird for picking up the slack, it would have been devastating to lose this event.
  8. Hey thanks Mike. That's where I want to be I think. That gives me some wiggle room if I need to deck the block or head
  9. I'm not trying to get compression that high but I am using a closed chamber a87 on an l20 block. Hopefully it isn't that high with dished l20 pistons? I'll try to use that calculator thing...
  10. Back again. Having trouble sourcing 280zx dished pistons without having to buy used or in a set of 6. Is there any difference between a +0.04" l20b piston and an 86mm 280zx dished?
  11. Oh, and Merry Christmas! Thanks for the help guys ☺
  12. If i get what I pay for and i spent 10 bucks then i should probably spend more on a torque wrench haha. I did notice the oil holes and will not forget about them on assembly...
  13. Thanks that's great information! I'll remember that when I get in touch with machine shops
  14. L28 dished it is then! Thank you Mike for doing the math for me. Should I rely on the machine shop for bearings seals and head components or source them myself? Is rock auto head stuff junk?
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