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  1. Front came back together just fine. I'll start evening it out once the rear and other side are done. It's on the dark side of my garage so I'll take better pictures later. I put the 3" lowering block on the passenger side, and... honestly I just couldn't focus enough to do the drivers side. So... I'm half done. I did learn 3 of the tires on there need to go to the scrap yard... and one is brand new. So, that's gonna live on as my spare. It looks like my offset math is correct. I could actually run a spacer if I wanted to get suuuuper anal about the whole "stance" thing.... but if I did... I would have picked more "baller" rimz... or whatever. I like the way it's turning out and I like that I paid $637 shipped on the tires/wheels and that the 9th tire store I went to told me where to go to get stretched tires mounted. If you're interested VR Automotive in Pasco, WA did a great job. And... I set the whole thing up through FB, so I didn't ACTUALLY have to talk to anyone. Which is even better. I took that stupid bulls*** bumper off... but now I need to find a license plate light to make it street legal. The original mounting location was compromised when they added that piece of junk. I'll figure something out. *edited added info
  2. Old shock out, new KYB Excel-G in. And.... that was definitely dead.... I cut the sheet metal screws off as well. I'll actually fix that s*** later.
  3. Sorry for the delay. I have a medical condition that has a way of shutting me down. I think I can get some of this done, so here we go. Ok... there are acceptable ways to fix your rusted out floor pan.... and then there's whatever the f*** this is.... I'll deal with this soon.
  4. Ok... the weatherman is still a liar, but, I was able to finally sneak it into the garage. Tight fit, but it's in. Once the ice melts off I can start advancing this build. I am impressed that it started first turn after sitting for a week in 15-34 F cold. I'll go back in tonight and get some basic pics done.
  5. Thanks Mike, depending on weather I'll get it in the garage today but... my jack stands were supposed to be here yesterday and they didn't show. If the weather cooperates I'll get it in and jack it up tonight. I'm naturally set to be awake as a night owl from years of working the late shift. My intention is one of the bottom two. If I can get the tuck right I'll run the bottom one with flares so Mike doesn't lynch me. As far as the oil cooler on the bumper though... nope. I will never need that. Final color, I'd like to eventually take it back to the original paint code with the black on the bottom. Wheels will change but I like the black trim. Lowering, I'll look up the dog bone flip. I'd prefer to keep the tires as flat and level as I can. I'm a big fan of rotating tires, which is why I opted not to stagger the rears.
  6. Yeah my first one was a mess too. But it took me ten years to figure that out. I think maybe a few pictures I've pulled off the good ol' Internet might clear up a few things. None of these three pictures are of my truck, they were google found images yielded by looking at options. This is an example of what I would like to avoid. No offense if this dude/chick is on here, this just isn't for me. This is more or less the wheel fitment I was looking for. There's a slight fender roll and a mild lip. Worst case, I order some repop Thai front fenders and do flares like this. None of these have the excessive camber that creates problems in tire wear, cornering, braking, and initiating motion. Good news is it's supposed to be 40 F tomorrow so the snow should be all cleared out of the bed. I just swept out all the powdered snow and saw my thermometer said it was a blistering 19 F. My neighbors came home to a guy in shorts dusting snow out of a truck bed and totally don't understand that positive F temp don't require jackets for short durations... but perhaps shoes next time. The other thing I noted is my 620 has been parked in the same spot for 7 days and there are no leaks. This I'm happy about.
  7. Sheds built to put the crap in the way out of the way, now I just need the ice to melt off tomorrow and we'll see what happens.
  8. Ok, read through that thread. At Formula D at Evergreen Raceway in 2006 I talked to several crew members for different drivers that were experimenting with extreme rear camber angles during competition drifting. This was my take away: "we tried it, it didn't work out so well, we stopped using it." Several of my peers saw it and started emulating what they had observed FD teams doing 10 years ago. I don't know if this is what started it, but in my circle it was. I used to drift race, and I was no good. It takes a certain level of talent and... I just don't have it lol. I have had a deep love for the Shaoktan style of cars since I first laid eyes on a 240z like that in Japan 2006/7. I dunno, it's hard to explain but it really resonated with me. When I came back to the sates after that vacation it changed the way I built cars. Just for reference I've never been a pro mechanic or had a car "featured". I showed twice at Hot Import Nights in Seattle and got zero prizes because my cars were too tame. This truck will reflect that look in a tamer form. I don't like extreme camber, for the same reasons you don't. But I don't like destroying something just to make it look "on trend". I've done that and it was a mistake. I'm not an especially loud person... so boso style isn't for me. I enjoy going and seeing those cars, but... I don't want one. I definitely appreciate the helpful comments and advice even though you'd prefer not to have my style truck in your driveway.
  9. The one thread that I missed... If I did decide to "cut to fit" I'd use Thai repop's. A custom bed would be slipped on the back and more ridiculousness. I've gone way... way down that rabbit hole before. The other option is to change the bump stops and roll the inner fender lip, thus not chopping up the body just removing a potential point of failure. Using bump stops to limit suspension travel is... how do I wanna say this.. not the best idea for drivability. But at least it's not spending 4 months in 2001 putting bondo to "blend" an actual Bomex body kit to a civic.. then having it crack as you back it out of the paint booth...
  10. Sebpv, arrêter de parler. I asked for constructive advice, Mike provided it. You just posted to cause problems by creating an attempt at "forced teaming" and "exclusionary tactics". Neither of which are helpful or desired. I appreciate Mike's help and will continue to use his advice in the future.
  11. Yeah that was the plan. That's why I only pulled one out of the box. There's math on paper, and then there's actually implementing it. If it makes it unsafe, it's back to the white board. If I just need to roll the fenders though, nbd. I'll have to go to my connex and dig my fender roller out. I'm a little outta practice, but fortunately it's not rocket science. If I wanted to get deep into it and liked the idea... I could cut the fenders and run flares. But holy goat s*** that's a lotta work. If I go that far I might as well dig that Bomex body kit I have out and bondo that shit onto it... then run Nass. (I intentionally spelled it like that because that's how my accent says it... and NOS means something different on here). In short put tire on wheel, check on truck, then decide course of action.
  12. Lol, yeah I know. Turning wrenches on this and driving it is more therapy than anything else. 15 years of fighting has left a few scars and wounds that are best healed in the garage and jarring your bones hitting a pothole on one of WA states "only the best" freeways.... in the HUGE ASS DESERT in the Evergreen state.
  13. I got the numbers off several build threads on different forums for backspace, width, bolt pattern, hub, and tire size. I checked the math and it looked like it would work. That's not to say I'm definitely right though. I have been wrong before, just as my ex-wife... I'm totally open to suggestions as I bought the parts off Amazon and therefore can return them before I mount them up.
  14. Ok dudes and chicks this is going to be a pretty standard build that will be slowly evolving. I picked up this beast as a Craigslist find for $1k. Runs fine, has an L20B swapped into it with the 4 speed. I ordered 3" lowering blocks from summit racing, a carpet dash kit (because that's how classy I am) and some other random s***. I decided that I'm f****** cheap and couldn't slap the benjamins on the counter for some Works or SSR's so I doubled down on some free shipping American Racing AR615883's 15x8, 6x139.7, -19mm backspacing with a 107.95 hub. To contain my possibly triple digit horsepower I selected some Falken Ziex 205/60R15 tires. I'm waiting on some jacks and stands to creep this wild beast into my two car garage and start the build that... pretty much... everyone has already done. The difference is.... ok there really isn't one. Now I could talk about my previous S13's or whatever but doesn't matter. I've never owned a Datsun and a buddy of mine is building an 80' Toyota pickup so this is my answer to his project. I plan on taking it to local show and not shines and generally cruising around the desert in it. The shocks/struts are pretty haggard so they're getting replaced at this phase with KYB ones. I'd also eventually like to have the seat reupholstered and do a front disc brake swap. So, more to come.
  15. Soundline

    Newbie 74' 620

    Seriously, thank you. You guys have all been cool as f*** with me, and I appreciate it. Parts are in, and the build thread is going to be up shorty.
  16. Soundline

    Newbie 74' 620

    Ok, so... here's my "plan": Ordered 3" lowering blocks and new shocks struts. I went with KYB because they're not complete pieces of shit, but they're nothing fancy. The ones on it have definitely seen better days... decades.... whatever. I'm going to do the "c-clip removal torsion bar drop" method on the front. I watched a YouTube video and read various threads on this and... I'm 99% sure I can't f*** it up. I drove it in our whisp of snow here in the desert and found that the tires are splitting... I think they're a few years past their "sell by" date, perhaps a few decades. Now for the hard part. It looks like American Racing 15x8, 6x5.5" bolt pattern, -19mm offset wheels and Falken Ziex 205/60r15's will work. I have f***** up on this math before, if I did... I'm a big boy and can take constructive criticism from people on the internet. Once these parts come in and I start "building" my truck... I'll start a "build thread".... until then it actually seems like basically everything I need is right here in previous topics. I'm not really trying to reinvent the wheel here. Despite the fact I'd really like to stuff an RX-7 turbo in it... it's not really my style. I think the only thing I haven't seen on here is an FWD or AWD conversion. I'm positive those are both outside my skill set. Thanks again for the hospitality and I look forward to actually seeing some of your trucks at meets or Formula D in 2017.
  17. Soundline

    Newbie 74' 620

    Here's some better pictures.
  18. Soundline

    Newbie 74' 620

    Yep, yep. Rock Auto and I go back like 12 years when I was trying to make a 240SX slide. It was fun, very time and $ consuming, but I liked it. I was constantly breaking something... But, it's cool. This is a long game project, I'll start a build thread, you know... when I start building it. Lol. Currently I'm reorganizing my house, tossing out a lot of stuff and creating garage space for crossfit gym... AAAAAND... Datsun work.
  19. Soundline

    Newbie 74' 620

    Thanks guys. Should be fun. I'd like to do a brake swap and a few little things. I need to find a place that sells actual Datsun parts though. So that's my next mission. Right now though my tach and speedo worthless. The tach is dead and the speedometer jumps up to 50 mph when the truck starts moving and goes up after it reaches, my best guess of 50mph. And... the carb is fine at low speeds and then when you start to get up to speed it's has a slight surging, so it needs some tuning or a rebuild. Thanks again and I'll be flipping through working this stuff out. Any comments or suggestions on stuff are welcome.
  20. This was my project a few years ago. I'd carried it at work and wanted to repair some scratches... one thing lead to another and... yeah. I learned how to assemble AR's and swap parts on the pistols that interested me. But I like this one the best.
  21. Soundline

    Newbie 74' 620

    Here are the Craigslist pics I got. And here's to hoping I didn't screw that up. Here's what I've learned from using the handy google search: that chrome bumper needs to find a dumpster to live in, that's probably an L20B engine, I found out my tires/wheels are probably crap (I'll do more digging before asking the same questions every other newbie asks), I found lots of places that sell the parts I need, and... I don't have to paint it. But... I do need to get my seat reupholstered. I think this forum will be a good fit since I'll stick to my own crap. I'll slowly learn the terminology and eventually I might make a couple local or regional meets. Of which... I'll never take a ribbon... but I will bring the bourbon.
  22. Soundline

    Newbie 74' 620

    Hey y'all I'm an ex-mil guy who ended up in the desert of the evergreen state. I've been wanting to do a 520 or 620 for a while now and finally got the chance. She's yellow over black and nothing special. I don't have any good pictures because it's dark, but I'll see what I can do about that after sunrise. Great forum and I look forward to the reading.
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