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  1. In the book “Mothman Prophecies” by John Keel, I learned of a strange case of a UFO Flap (which is when a large number of sightings occur in one place) which started in Vancouver BC in Oct 1967.  Later, in 1968, two visitors, that appeared to be human knocked on the door of a single woman who was living alone on Keats Island.  She had observed a large dark object in the sky in May.  She lived in a small cabin and received the men who stated they worked for the local electrical and gas company.  The pair installed a pipe in the chimney of the cabin. It was reported in “The Canadian UFO Report Number 13”.  After these men in black talk to her, possibly bugging her home, she hears the younger one calling the older one “master”.


    The stiff walking strange master was seen again the following day with a different 18-19 year old kid.  I’ll refer to him here as ‘slave’.  Slave is described as being handsome, with an “unusually dark face” and “piercing eyes”.  Master pushes Slave behind him and into the bushes when she spots them.

    This story is presented offhand by Keel, between making two points. It is as if Keel is telling us that the sinister MIB’s from a Canadian Energy company we’re secretly plotting to overthrow the government in 1967.  Keel also discusses the fascination of alien MIB’s like Master & Slave with time, and how it affects them differently.

    My theory on this is, the odd Slave with the dark painted face, is none other than Justin Trudeau. 


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  2. 7 hours ago, datsunfreak said:


    I am curious what you have seen the main difference is between a .380 and 9mm? It is my understanding that they are basically the same bullet with different sized powder loads behind them? I can see how the 9mm could have better stopping power, but it seems like the .380 with the proper ammo would be almost as good?


    I am likely headed back to 9mm as a CCW either way. I mainly bought this Bersa because it's super easy to carry, but it is big enough for my beefy hands. It is the perfect "mid sized" gun for me right now. I think a shorter barrel 1911 would be comparable. Just trying to decide between commander (4" barrel, but full capacity) or officer (3" barrel and less capacity). I had carried a Kimber Ultra Carry 2 for a long time, and liked it. But that compact officer size in a .45ACP means fairly low capacity, and it was a handful to shoot (light weight and big rounds = sore shoulder/wrist). 


    Guess I could get a spare mag holster...  😄

    Sure, the FBI/CIA Report Conclusion was that the .380 ACP was just too light.  The real change is that you can fire 9mm +P ammunition in most 9mm platforms. The +P had a substantial increase in pounds per square inch of force.  This increased force by the additional powder allows for a slightly heavier load which can cause increased wound cavitation. 

    This slightly larger wound channel was more likely to penetrate sufficient circulatory system flows to provide for the necessary drop in blood pressure (and or blood volume) to take an average sized adult male out of the fight in a relatively short period of time. 

    Also, the increase in traditional powder will normally pass through leather riding jackets and heavy canvas. In the study they found both could impede a .380.


    The study recommended the Glock 17/19, Sig Sauer 226/228/229, SW M&P 9, and the HK VP9 for duty.  I don’t remember what else, and the only gun I remember them saying “not recommended” was the Springfield XD.  

    I’ve found there are many others that meet the criteria.  The HK USP, FN 509, Sig 320, Beretta M9, HK P2000, and others.  We did a tremendous amount of testing at the police department to evaluate gun/ammo combinations. 


    19 minutes ago, datzenmike said:

    BTW... that's ToreAss nit to be confused with the Ford FokAss

    Does Castro’s Bastard son even let you participate in this thread?  I’m pretty sure he’ll send his purple haired minions to BC to haul you before a human rights commission for saying “the ‘G’ word”.

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  3. You gotta go back to the 007 Books to get into why he carries the Walther.


    as for the .380, I was an EMT and a Police Medic.  I’ve plenty of real world experience with handgun wounds in humans. While I have seen a .22LR kill an adult male when fired at the correct distance and angle from a Walther P22, it’s uncommon for this to occur. As an interesting study on handgun rounds the FBI/CIA did a joint study in the mid 2010’s on the efficacy of handgun rounds in defensive situations.


    keep in mind the FBI data estimates that there were more than 1,000,000 shootings involved in this study. I have a hard copy of it in a box but it’s stamped “do not decimate”. I’ll give you the Cliff’s notes. Handgun rounds suck at killing stuff. The vast majority of people shot with a single handgun round survive.  The minimum round they considered “adequate” to stop 1 adult male from continuing criminal activities is a 9mm/.38 spcl with a minimum of 3 rounds on target.


    I’ve seen 1 adult male take 7 on target .380 auto rounds to the chest and they were stopped by a leather motorcycle riding vest.  The rounds were fired at 10 feet to point blank.  All struck the target in the upper abdomen to upper chest. There were zero misses. The crime stopped when a bystander rendered the attacker unconscious by way of a modified gable choke. 

    I have also witnessed a determined defender take a .44 REM Mag round to the left knee the beat the holy living f*** out of the attempted child murderer. 

    From that report and my field experience I recommend that you carry a 9mm/.38 spcl or better caliber.  I recommend you train with it at least once every 90 days.  As for which make/model?  Find what you like. What fits your hands and carry style.  A frame size and caliber you’re consistent with.  In the US Air Force I carried a 9mm.  As a cop, 9mm.  You do you though.  

    my personal opinion… based on these experiences… The more armed, trained, capable patriots we have defending our population the better. 

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  4. This is probably a REALLY stupid question… but… consider the source.


    ok, so, I recently picked up a car with a KA24E, and an Auto Trans that I’d like to stuff in my 74’ 620 for $100.


    You think I can pull this off with those mounts?  The car is a 240SX with an 8/88 build date.  Or do I need a hardbody D21 KA auto?

  5. On 7/21/2021 at 3:51 PM, john510 said:

    How does a guy like this get a job with the FBI ? It's probably a safe bet to assume this wasn't the first time he smacked his wife around.What a piece of shit.And how has he not been fired ? Maybe because if the FBI fired him their argument in this kidnapping case would get a lot weaker.

    John… I’ve worked with a lotta members of the Fucking Bunch of Idiots.  If we’re ever in person ask me about some of them.  I’ve got hundreds of stories. Including two where agents “accidentally” shot themselves.. with… their own service weapons… while “cleaning them”.


    I’m confident in saying your run of the mill Wyoming small town Detective is orders of magnitude more competent than the FBI.  In Law Enforcement the FBI is commonly referred to as the place people who fail the mall security test.

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  6. 52 minutes ago, MikeRL411 said:


    $9,000 ?  Let's get real.  "Restored" firearms are worth less than the same firearm in original unrestored condition.

    Well, yes and no.  Turnbull is an “approved” restorer so they can make a gun worth substantially more money.  For instance I know of several WW2 firearms sent to then that were acquired through the Civilian Arms Program.  They were 1911’s and M1 Garands in “field grade” condition.  Turnbull restored then to “excellent” condition and made them all parts matching to the original manufacturers.  This made the asking price 2-4x higher.  It wasn’t a cheap endeavor but they are absolutely beautiful pieces of history.

    However, in this case I don’t think that 1911 is a good investment firearm.

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    On 4/16/2021 at 11:26 PM, frankendat said:

    When I was just a lad, my Dad took me to a military range, that had concrete target bunkers. I sat in the (open top) bunker and he shot various pistols and rifles at close and long range, over the top and past the sides. Bullets create a unique sound, when they pass by, he wanted me to be aware of that sound and take cover, if heard. This was way before Columbine or any of these loser fueled crowd killings. 

    The first school shooting, and attack I’m aware of was the 18 May 1927 Bath, MI shooting and bombing by Drool Cumhole.  Maybe I’m misremembering the name of the sick fuck who used surplus WW1 munitions to murder 38 children.  6 adults also died, plus, in the classical mass murder cowardice, Cumhole took his own life by shooting his truck which was laden with explosives.  

    In response to this teachers started teaching weapons safety in schools and guns were common on school grounds until the mid to late 1990’s. We had very few school shootings from 1927-1995.  Cowards won’t attack armed targets. Now that schools are “gun free zones” the schools are perfect choices for mentally ill cowards.


    aaaaaand here’s a 1911 to drool over. 



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  8. Thanks again guys. I actually know what I’m getting into with this. I’ve got a college degree in electronic systems, and probably 5,000 hours hands on building wiring conversion harnesses. I get teased about the harness in my truck every time people that know my work see it. 

    The last few I did were full military spec with the all-purpose weather resistant plugs and all weather wiring.  These were for buggies that are used for rock crawling competitions in my home town.  

    Talking to @banzai510(hainz) I’m sure that’s overkill on this truck, but getting some solid Painless Wiring kits and all weather splices will do the trick here.  I really appreciate the Vintage Connections tip from @yenpit and @KELMO. I’m sure I’ll need to blend new and old here as much as possible.  I’m going to draw out a plan for a harness then order all new wiring and connectors to the degree I can. Then, this winter, I’ll tear this puppy down and freshen everything up.

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  9. 4 hours ago, colourbox said:


    Seems like anyone can call themselves a designer these days. Just name your layers in Photoshop please. I swear I've wanted to take designers that don't name layers out to the parking lot and beat their azzz.

    I name them all “layer 1”. Or switch the names, background being the “lighter foreground” layer, etc.  So you’d have to guess which is which, just like Christmas.  Oh, and adding layers with very detailed names that don’t change anything in the image. For instance “model makeup enhance”, and make no changes in that layer.

    Honestly I haven’t been paid for design... in this millennium.  That’s how good I was.  I retired my design software when graduated high school.  

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  10. You made it a good 15 years longer than me.


    This whole COVID vaccine shit is nuts. I was driving the other day passed the COVID vaccine station and there were three tour busses filled with migrant farm workers from Mexico there all getting shots.  All under order of WA State Gov J Inslee. Washington citizens who want the vaccine can’t get it, and non-citizen workers must get it before they can work... outside...


    what a time to be alive gents.

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  11. I was a cop a long time ago.  I was on a homicide scene where a local reporter was briefed by the Patrol Captain on EXACTLY what had happened.  I was less than ten feet from them on the perimeter of the scene.


    Watched the news when I got home.  The very same reporter gave a COMPLETELY fabricated the circumstances of the homicide for the news. Nothing was true except the victim’s name. 

    Couple nights later, I run into this same reporter at a shooting scene.  I asked them, “wtf”.  The reporter told me that the circumstances of that homicide were “too damaging to the community” to release. In the 90’s, a local news station reported on crimes like this and people moved. So many that the media market for the area dropped down a market. Everyone in the station got a pay cut.  The reporter feared losing the almighty $$$ and thus, covered the details of a homicide.


    Ive ignored them since. I’ve seen lies broadcast on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and CNN.  Where I was present for the conversation with the authorities telling reporters what had occurred on camera.  

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  12. 27 minutes ago, a.d._510_n_ok said:


    I can’t believe I lost my crown at this in 2019.  2020 was canceled due to COVID.  I can now pull a tractor trailer with my regulation sized beads wrapped around the bumper.


    My 3rd ABToW Championship Will be in 2021.

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  13. 4 hours ago, colourbox said:


    This is true but at the same time there's a lot of other craziness out there to give us plenty of meme fodder.

    True, but have a couple beers, glasses of wine, shots of whiskey, joints, lines of coke, hits of acid, or grams of mushrooms and google ‘bus ad mistakes’.

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