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  1. Hi All, I have a 71 510 with a SR20DET notchtop. I ordered a plenum top with fuel rail and 750cc injectors. I compared the plenum with the oem manifold and see the aac valve attached to the oem manifold but NO place to install it on the plenum. Has anyone done a swap of the OEM manifold for the Plazmaman Plenum? If so, do you have any pics of your setup or advice on what to do during the install so it performs? I also noticed there are less inputs for the plumbing. Waiting for plazmaman, who is in Australia, for some insight, however they wont be available until monday.
  2. ISO...hi everyone, looking for the part pictured below. It is a window trim/guide for the 1971 4 door 510 that goes between the back door window and quarter glass. I am not sure how to search for this part, but I just realized that one side of the pair I have is black and one is chrome. I want to replace both since he car is not together. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Thanks man, this is the kind of thing I am going for!
  4. Good Afternoon, I have searched for a while and thought I would ask here. I am redoing the exhaust on my dime and wanted to get a similar muffler to what was used on JDM legend's 510's. If you watched the show you will notice they use a polished muffler with a slanted tip to coincide with the rear of the dime. Anyone have any good insight into this type of muffler? I want to get away from the ricer exhaust currently on the car. TIA Pick below is what the exhaust tip looked like.
  5. first, the first sentence in your response was unnecessary. the reason for testing waters for me is I don't know WHAT to price it at so I was asking for feedback... second, it seems like every time I post something on this forum, the feedback has some sort of negative tone in the replies. Is this negativity towards other dime enthusiasts really warranted?
  6. Please give me your opinion on a fair sale price for my: 1971 Datsun 510 Engine Mods: '95 ka24de engine 4000 miles on odometer (AMU) Wire tuck and engine bay shaved GTI dual core racing radiator Mishimoto coolant overflow tank Relocated fuse box Powdercoated valve cover Nology Hotwires Carbon Fiber Honda Fit manifold cover Aluminum custom intake with Greddy filter BLITZ piping stopper GREX remote filter and HKS oil filter Greddy Water temp sensor HKS oil cap HKS wire grounding WALBRO fuel pump RX-7 oil cooler, 240sx fuel filter conversion Nissan quest alternator upgrade conversion DC sports
  7. Long rant, but worth the read. I have had Hagerty since I bought my car. I drive in arizona and use my dime as a semi-daily driver. Living in AZ, there are a lot of pebbles being kicked up which causes glass breakage. In the last year I had two windshields replaced and had to get a tow as my alternator belt snapped. I came to find out that Hagerty is declining my renewal and will be dropping me as a customer due to "too many claims". I am being punished for: 1. driving my car 2. using their service WHICH I PAY FOR I called Hagerty and they said I was too high a risk to continue as a cu
  8. Hey all, I heard back from BRE and they do make the CF part, it just isnt on their site. I ordered it and as luck would have it, it wont be 4-6 weeks as they will be making it before the supply run next week. it should ship next friday. I seriously considered not replacing it but the lower valance on my ride behind where the air-damn is installed is kind of bent up so the air dam will hide the ugliness. I was very pleased how responsive and helpful BRE was.
  9. Thank you sir. I am interested in quality and fit. I want to make sure it is as easy to "bolt on" as Retro-spec states. I am also curious if the RS air dam sits higher or lower to the ground than the BRE counterpart.
  10. Unfortunately it is cracked beyond repair. there are chunks of CF that flew off on the drive home before I knew the extent of the damage. It was cracked previously and repaired, but this time it is a goner.
  11. Good Evening, Today, I destroyed the BRE Carbon fiber air dam on my dime. It had been cracked previously but today it finally sang its swan song. I cannot find the replacement on BRE's site and sent a query to BRE to see if they can get a replacement part. In case they do not carry it any longer, i am looking at the retro-spec air dam in CF. Has anyone used a retro-spec one before and if so, how was the quality? Please, before you say, "the air dam is ricey or unneeded" I am not convinced I will be replacing the broken air dam, I am just exploring the options. I am looking for ge
  12. Front wings? are you talking about the carbon fiber canards above the front bumper?
  13. What do you mean by "maybe only the rears and remove the fronts"?
  14. the bezels are just painted air funnels.
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