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  1. Yes. Is he a member here? I saw that name on a few pics of the car from pictogram. Didn't know if he was on here
  2. Trunk had some cracks in the body filler, started the stripping process to see what was under it, 1/4" thick body filler in some places. Bare metal now though
  3. Spent a little over a year trying to figure out what we wanted. My 12 year old and I wanted something to spend some time doing together , besides, baseball, he plays I coach, football, he plays we watch. So I set out to find a car that was light weight, could be made to handle well, and not have to have huge power to be fun. I have always been a mustang guy, but wanted something totally different. After 6 plus months of researching and hunting we found a 510 that fit our bill. Planning to do a build thread as we go but haven't gotten that far into it yet so figured I'd share a few pics here.
  4. Shanep71

    Datsunville Kmart special

    Nice work as usual James
  5. Shanep71

    CJ's Dime - A father and son first car build

    Awesome build, my 12 year old and I are setting out in the same path. Picked up a 71 from Kentucky two weekends ago

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