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  1. 82TXDATSUN4X4

    4x4 Datsun 720

    My 2 cents is spend your money on parts that will improve ride quality and reliability, new suspension bushings, Weber carburetor, new u joints, shocks, things of that sort.... Body lifts and slightly bigger tires aren't going to make your truck anymore capable then it already is. There isn't easily available options for front or rear lockers or taller gears to even push big tires. If you are going to keep the drive-train mostly stock, then its best to just leave it alone, slap some 30x9.5 AT or MT tires and go have fun in the woods/desert/beach... wherever.
  2. 82TXDATSUN4X4

    82 720 4x4 suspension help

    Thanks, I got the numbers in my first post from the sdtruckspings website. I might look into getting the original leafs re arched. But I'm afraid they'll just sag again... The passengers side spring is really flat. The previous owner kept a bottle of Welding gas on that side....
  3. 82TXDATSUN4X4

    82 720 4x4 suspension help

    Datzenmike, since the position of the center hole is slightly different will that affect the install of the spring on my 82 drivetrain?
  4. 82TXDATSUN4X4

    82 720 4x4 suspension help

    Hey guys, anyone know if OME 4x4 Hardbody springs will fit under an 82 4x4? my truck needs some suspension love.... what about the shocks? are those a simple swap? After some research it looks like the D21 4x4 springs a just a little shorter than the 720 4x4 spring. would that mess with my shackle angle? D21: A. 22 1/8, B. 25 1/8 720: A. 23 1/4, B. 25 the OME springs add 1inch of lift. also does these springs come as a pair? or do you need to order a quantity of 2 in the checkout? http://store.arbusa.com/Old-Man-Emu-Leaf-Spring-CS030R-P20976.aspx

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