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  1. I'll have to take that pic later. This is what I got right now. Thanks..
  2. I actually have a 5spd transmission that says ZL71B what does it go to... I've been wanting to sell it but don't really know what it mates too to list it properly.
  3. And fyi. My machine shop ordered the pistons for me and i heard 9cc dished not dome .. didn't even know they did the custom and you never stated that so until i looked it up i was unaware ... if you order 84 mm for an L16 you get what I got. Ordering custom is obviously different...
  4. What about the gear shift. .. ? Let's all understand this is an L16 in a 521.. it's exactly where it's supposed to be... this is a view from the back perfectly gap all around to the crossmember... My transmission is level and everything is in line in the frame.. so what's the problem .. I don't know what everyone thinks they see....
  5. Well good luck with that and thanks for laughing at my mistake... karma's a bitch.
  6. All good....I was almost thinking that...
  7. Ya I see what you mean. So i should have said new replacement because i Looked at the old ones and your right they are not welded like these....
  8. Oh and one other thing to know. Factory rod had a press fit wrist pin... piston floats on the pin... wiseco piston float the pin in the rod.. so stock rods would need to be fitted with a brass bushing with the correct slip fit...
  9. Everyone will tell ypu to build the l20.. i opted to be unique and build an l16 and i bought those same pistons which are too small for an l20, stock bore is 85mm.... so make your block choice first.. and i hope you know they are a 9cc dome piston.... may not be the best choice for a turbo set they will increase you compression ratio. I think you want lower compression if you wanna boost.. my l16 has those pistons with a w53 closed chamber head. I had to clearance everything to fit properly... and I ended up at 10.7 to 1 cr.. I would have been better off with flat tops which would have given me around 9.5 to 1.. but didn't realize my error till I was assembling the motor... Before you buy things run your numbers through a compression ratio calculator make sure the plus and minus are correct that's where i fucked up my calculations.
  10. And those are factory tie rods... center cross rod has the adjustments.. these are fixed left and right hand... The pic actually shows two driver side tie rods.... wrong part packaged in the correct box.... got lucky with a warranty exchange bought almost 3 years ago... never opened.. problem solved..
  11. I don't know what you think you see in the pic but I assure you its where it should be... yes I checked measurement of the centerline when I built the motor mounts... Plenty of clearance
  12. Now some jewelry for the motor... mounted the headers, intake and carb tonight...
  13. Made some good progress got all new steering components in... And the steering column. .
  14. So first if you own a Datsun and dont join this sight your a fool.... ask a question and some one here has probably delt with it... with that said i shoupd have clearly joined years ago... With that said. Heres what i found. there are clearly some differences in the motor mounts... seems like the 520 with the j motor had one type of mount while some early 521s may have had the same mount even with an L series engine like some here claim... the later year 521 as well as the early 620 had a similar mount... which seems to be able to be swapped for the 75 to 79 620 mounts.... good luck and hope this helps..
  15. For my 72 truck no those done work... I think maybe on the first year or 2 they produced the 521 but definitely not right for me..
  16. Maybe even the height of those 521 mounts you said you had too... I can't seem to locate mine right now... I'd love to know how all 3 compare in thickness...
  17. I have to agree from our earlier conversations and the pics And yes the closer I look it does look like you used the 2 different mounts from the 620.. is there any way you could measure both of your motor mounts. Just the height between the frame and bracket. I am curious if they are the same height? It looks like kelowg used 2 a2533 and feels they are a little tall I wonder if we could use 2 of the a2532 instead would that make a difference.
  18. I am planning the same carb set up. New 40 dcoe set by weber on a lynx intake. This is going on an l16 bored to 84mm with a W53 peanut head... hoping to get it running by the end of the year. Here's some things to think about. weber side draft don't have a port for the vacuum advance. I have one drilled hole but i dont think its correct for vacumn advance so you'll have to adjust your timing to suit.. Next you may wanna think about your pcv system the lynx intake does not have a pcv port. I have breather filters on the valve cover and crank vent tube for now.. maybe that one port was for a pcv but I think I'd rather tap both runners to get equal vacumn to the pcv. Last check the diameter of the intake runner on the head... make sure the head isn't smaller or you may wanna smooth out the transition. The reason I went with the lynx intake was my head was the same diameter
  19. Ya no that's not gonna help... the first Web site those mounts are no longer available.. and I think it may only be correct up to 74.. I believe 75 to 79 have different mounts one of which I belive to be an acceptable replacement. . And the others on ebay I belive are for the j motors.
  20. Here's what I found. It shows two different mounts for a 620.. I think he used the driverside mount for both..
  21. I found a shorter oil filter to make it all work but I think that's what wayno didn't like. These are the mounts he used. But what's the part number?
  22. This what I did before I talked to wayno. Turns out the mount is from a 720 and gets listed for the 521 worse part is I thought it was a 620 mount. Either way Dea a6353 is Not correct for a 521. I cut and welded the factory bracket to make it work. I was happy till I got to the passenger side. Oil filter clearance issue.
  23. Crashtd420

    521 motor mounts

    So after a long discussion with wayno I decided to make this post.. I want to find out what everyone is doing about motor mounts. I am mostly questioning the 521 with an L series motor.. This is purely about the stock setup not motor swaps. I know earlier 521 have the j motors and i believe you can get the mounts they need but I am not certain. Feel free to post that info if needed. I am hoping to find an accurate part numbers. I know the 521 mounts are no longer available but wayno say he uses ones from the 620. I will post a few pics of the differences soon.
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