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  1. I am planning the same carb set up. New 40 dcoe set by weber on a lynx intake. This is going on an l16 bored to 84mm with a W53 peanut head... hoping to get it running by the end of the year. Here's some things to think about. weber side draft don't have a port for the vacuum advance. I have one drilled hole but i dont think its correct for vacumn advance so you'll have to adjust your timing to suit.. Next you may wanna think about your pcv system the lynx intake does not have a pcv port. I have breather filters on the valve cover and crank vent tube for now.. maybe that one port was for a pcv but I think I'd rather tap both runners to get equal vacumn to the pcv. Last check the diameter of the intake runner on the head... make sure the head isn't smaller or you may wanna smooth out the transition. The reason I went with the lynx intake was my head was the same diameter
  2. Ya no that's not gonna help... the first Web site those mounts are no longer available.. and I think it may only be correct up to 74.. I believe 75 to 79 have different mounts one of which I belive to be an acceptable replacement. . And the others on ebay I belive are for the j motors.
  3. Here's what I found. It shows two different mounts for a 620.. I think he used the driverside mount for both..
  4. I found a shorter oil filter to make it all work but I think that's what wayno didn't like. These are the mounts he used. But what's the part number?
  5. This what I did before I talked to wayno. Turns out the mount is from a 720 and gets listed for the 521 worse part is I thought it was a 620 mount. Either way Dea a6353 is Not correct for a 521. I cut and welded the factory bracket to make it work. I was happy till I got to the passenger side. Oil filter clearance issue.
  6. Crashtd420

    521 motor mounts

    So after a long discussion with wayno I decided to make this post.. I want to find out what everyone is doing about motor mounts. I am mostly questioning the 521 with an L series motor.. This is purely about the stock setup not motor swaps. I know earlier 521 have the j motors and i believe you can get the mounts they need but I am not certain. Feel free to post that info if needed. I am hoping to find an accurate part numbers. I know the 521 mounts are no longer available but wayno say he uses ones from the 620. I will post a few pics of the differences soon.
  7. Good job.. datsuns definitely teach us patience and persistence. ..
  8. Don't give up... you'll get it fixed...
  9. No I bought these from rock auto and now they don't even list them... I crossed the Dea part number and amazon say it's for the 521 and the 720.. not correct for a 521 about half inch taller and i had to drill new bolt holes. they have them for the j motors and what they list for the l series seems wrong....
  10. And I guess I will try to sneak a bosch 3402 on for a slightly bigger one over what i have.. same as the Fram s16.. 3.75 long...
  11. I definitely didnt cut to much. the filter actually touched the mount... I kept the engine in a static location and modified one at a time so I know the engine wouldnt move and it stayed where it needs to be.. screw it. it's been cut and welded no going back.. at least I have a part number. .
  12. I really hate online sometimes. After Waynos comment I cross referenced a few numbers and it seems like the ones I used were for a 720. And it gets listed as a 521 mount... dea product a6353... I can't win.... well too late know....
  13. Maybe i missed something some where. At first i was gonna use a 510 mount. It was close but not perfect .. cutting the bracket wasnt my first choice but i couldnt figure another way.. Honesty yours look short compared to what i received.. I tried bolting things on and just wasn't even close... couldn't find anyone's post on motor mounts. So this is what a did... at least now they are cheap and easy to replace..
  14. What I figured out is you can use a filter from a 95 Volvo 850... The stock 521 s8 is 4.5 inches long And s16 is a little shorter around 3.5 And what I went with was the Volvo one. 3 inches long i plan to use the Bosch 3321 Using an stps7328 because it was in stock and I am gonna change it after 500 miles anyhow....
  15. My process was to install all the old stock mounts and one at a time cut the metal bracket to suit the 620 mount which was about half an inch taller... passenger side was a little harder. More stuff in the way... plus the oil filter wouldn't fit.
  16. Driver side and rear tranny were easy
  17. So here's my next mod... I got 620 motor mounts when I tried ordering new ones for a 521 with the l16.. so I decided to modify my mounts to except 620 motor and tranny mount easier to buy.... Next couple pics are the stock ones then I will post the 620..
  18. Oh here's a good part number. ... I think I've seen it posted somewhere else but I figured I'd post again... stock 521 crankshaft had a brass pilot bushing.. the six cylinder motors use a roller pilot bearing. Nissan part # 32202-09500 fits nice in the 4cyl L motors...
  19. So here's 2 other mods I have had to do.... first since the center bearing is hard to get I decided to see what the drive shaft shop could do.. they did a complete balance and over hall and i used a Volvo center bearing. .. Came from a 98-00 Volvo v70/570 Part number 14850-50 It bolted to two holes that were already in the frame where the bearing original mounted... I still bolted the stock bracket around it just in case..
  20. Working to get the engine to start. Relocated to battery.. this weekend.
  21. The grease fittings in mine are 1/4-28.. And ya the torque is crazy.... found it in a few different books and online so it has to be right.... overkill if you ask me but I didn't design it....
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