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  1. madrat

    no fuel in the carburetor after a day

    so there could be an air leak in my fuel line, would that also explain why it'll back fire whilst driving?
  2. madrat

    no fuel in the carburetor after a day

    ive had a mechanic tell me it is going back to the tank
  3. hey guys. i have a second hand datsun 720p king cab and after a few days off not being used there is no fuel in the carburetor, can someone please tell me if/how to fix this thanks
  4. We've worked it out, the distributor was upgraded and it broke, we're gonna replace it
  5. There was no wind, no rain, it was sunny. And the starter turn but it doesn't fire, even when being pull started
  6. It started on Sunday then just didn't start on Thursday. It was just sitting on the driveway
  7. Hello all, i have a datsun 720p king cab and it won't start. We have just replaced the battery and starter and it still won't kick over. We tried pull starting it and it would fire but nothing else. Can someone please help as this is my first car

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