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  1. shammer810

    78 810 Goon. Pictures

    This goon is beautiful
  2. shammer810

    1979 datsun 810

    Hey Ratsun forum, I'm new to the bend, LaPine area. Looking to find other datsuns enthusiast. Steve
  3. shammer810

    1979 datsun 810

  4. shammer810

    1979 datsun 810

  5. shammer810

    1979 datsun 810

  6. shammer810

    1979 datsun 810

    Hello Ratsun community. So after a 5 yr search I finally found the right 810. It's a 4 Dr sedan with the most beautiful interior I've ever seen. As soon as I can figure how to post the photos I'll get them on here. It has the L24 with a 5spd swap. Have cracks to fix on the dash and the inside is done. Has anyone ever did a shark nose on one of these? Steve

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