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  1. I just so your thread on you B310, I was wondering if you still have that vehicle and if you do how is it holding up


    1. CWhip


      I had that car for a little over 10 yrs. Sold it just a few months ago and 2 days later the kid wrecked it. In the right hands that car was awesome. Very reliable with regular maintenance and very fun to drive. I tried to talk the kid out of the sale because he had never driven a manual but he wanted it anyway. 

  2. Hey been meaning to get back to you datzenmike. I wanted to say thanks for all the advice and help, it turned out to be a rebuild of the carb fixed the problem.
  3. I will have to check that one out, I had that thought that the accelerator pump may of been an issue and dismissed it earlier on , I will definitely check it out..
  4. ok finally got the vehicle to run, long story short I had some hoses crossed up somehow some way. I do appreicate all the help you provided datzenmike. You were right on the money all i have to do now is figure out why when I give it gas it seems to hesitate as if I have a vacuum leak it wants to almost die out on me but it is running after a month my wife is excited because she can have her van back lol. thanks for all the help my friend
  5. ok thank you for the asisst, from what I can tel you are the person to ask for help and you have been spot on in everything you had said so far lol. It will take the pump several days to get here, I will let you know how it turns out. Thanks
  6. it ran initially but will not run now from the container of fuel, maybe the pump isnt strong enough but at this point I cant see how it hurts to replace the pump as i know I have all the plumbing hooked up right, the only thing left to replace is the pump, I rebuilt the carb 2 years ago and have had know problems I am stumped
  7. I tried your suggestion I put the hose in the jar started it let it run then killed it, connected all the hoses and restarted with the lines hooked up normal, it ran for about 30 seconds then died. I tried to restart it and it ran for about 3 seconds then i sprayed starter fluid and it ran until it burned off. I tried the same trick you suggested with the jar and priming it basically, it would not start without starter fluid, I dont know what else to do. I think I will replace the pump again and see if that helps. What are your thoughts
  8. I sprayed air into the hose coming from the the tank going into the fuel filter, it gurgles and makes noise, I also blew air into the vent hose coming from the charcoal canister and it makes a light hissing sound but not really gurgling sound, So I assume I have it connected correctly. What do you think at this point
  9. Pull the output hose off the pump and direct it into a suitable container. Pull the coil wire off so it won't start and have someone turn the engine with the starter. Got Gas?? NO nothing happened Get a container of gas and run a hose from it to the input side of the pump. Turn engine over briefly with the starter. Got gas?? Vehicle will run when in a container of gas til it is gone, So the pump is doings its job, correct? Pull line off the carburetor and direct into a suitable container. Turn engine over with starter. Got gas??
  10. This is a mechanical pump, the charcoal canister is connected to a hose that runs to the fuel tank. Sorry for the confusion I will try the steps you suggested thanks and I will let you know after work.
  11. From what I can tell there is no fuel in the glass I just replaced the fuel filter at the same time as I put the new pump on a month ago.
  12. It was a charcoal canister, at this point I dont think it is relevant at all. I just thought it odd that that line coming from the canister back was clogged up. I will check the window in the am I appreciate all the insight my friend
  13. this is a datsun 210 wagon deluxe with a 1.5 carbed, sorry on my assumption lol. Could this be an accelerator pump issue. What are you thoughts
  14. it is more of a drip then a squirt, I assume it should have more flow than that
  15. I have spark and I just added 2 gallons of gas maybe it wasnt enough car will start when carb cleaner is sprayed into carburetor. It sounds as if my logic was all wrong to begin with about it not starting, So that makes me lean toward carb issues then, forgive me but i am learning on the fly and I have talked to you before I always appreciate and value your input
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