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  1. Mid 50's during the day and 40's at night, so nothing crazy or anything it hasn't been through before. I guess that's a possibility that the damage was under the seal and I didn't know about it. It's a newer windshield Carlite brand.
  2. Has anyone else had a windshield break, with no sign of impact or previous damage? My 510 has been in the garage gathering dust (literally) so I can see nothing hit it. Noticed a half moon crack from the edge of the passenger side of the car one night and the next day it had cracked more. WTF!
  3. I have a plastic plug on the top of the steering gear box. Is this right?
  4. jester thanks for the heads up on the moly based. Lockleaf Looks like I can get Lucas red, Mobil red and the mystic at the local napa here so I'll grad one. Need to get this done before I can start driving it again, it's an uneasy feeling when any more than 25mph the steering becomes vague.
  5. Recommendations on grease to use in the new joints?
  6. Going to replace all four tie rod ends, center link and idler arm assembly on my 1970 510. Is it better to drop all together? or is it a pita to drop as one piece? Looking to see if anyone has done it this way. Seems like it would be more work to stay under the car to disconnect all the steering linkage.
  7. It's from jegs according to the PO, I haven't had any overheating issues. It just looks out of place, was going to make it a cleaner install when the l20b goes in, or go for a stock rad.
  8. This is the rad that is in the car I think it needs an upgrade.any thoughts?
  9. This VW rad is junk way to thin to be useful for your KA swap. I would be getting one hell of a deal on a swap
  10. The Rad is out of a VW. It was installed by the PO I'm not happy with it and I'm going back to a stock version. I have no clue what the top hose if from.
  11. Yes it is a U67 head, needs a good clean up.
  12. Hello Ratsun, new member but have been using the info on this forum for some time now and have finally decided to join. I've owned my 1970 510 4door for a couple years now. im currently re-wiring the car with a painless harness and hope to have it on the road soon. Also have a l20b build starting this winter.
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