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  1. Blas671

    1985 720 engine swap

    this is a really nice truck! i have same year sat for 23 years in old mans garage ..... runs like a champ ... swapped stock carb and deleted emissions
  2. Blas671

    Are You Ready? 720 KC build

    titan rims?
  3. Blas671

    Pacesetter headers

    i am upgrading carb.... mikuni dual 44s cam also but my question stands at this it looks skinny and thin so just wondering about the bad reviews about the pacesetter...
  4. Blas671

    38 38 webber

    i recently did a carb swap everything is on point ..... occasionally lag when rev up in neutral then second rev all cleared up.....
  5. Blas671

    Pacesetter headers

    Was wondering if anyone with pacesetter headers noticed difference with stock??
  6. Blas671

    Idle problem on 1985 nissan pickup

    Yes man thanks .... no leaks on manifold or around carb did notice it fires on demand with starting fluid .... trucks been sitting before I bought it so I filled with gas and cleaned egr. fires right up ...
  7. Blas671

    Idle problem on 1985 nissan pickup

    Stalls weather cold hot and at lights.... tried messing with idle screw and all it did was like got richer the gas smell... it's 2 wheel drive .....
  8. Blas671

    Idle problem on 1985 nissan pickup

    Idle problem on new carb for 1985 nissan z motor ...

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