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  1. Your discount code is:9367511488659178 This discount code expires on December 9, 2018 so do not wait!
  2. 8612241577469987 This discount code expires on August 19, 2018 so do not wait!
  3. So sweet!! I've been a stalker of this thread since day one and I'm amazed with the work!! Keep it up man!!
  4. That looks sweet!! I've seen you at several fun runs and swapmeets but never knew you had a thread. I'm going to bug you on where I can get one of those 120y rear bumpers for my dad's b210. He has the front grille and the bumper already. Will you be attending Datsloco Swapmeet this year?
  5. Anyone knows of a good online classic car appraisal? It's another low-balling evaluation insurance case.....

    1. skyblue


      Nada guides is the one I use.

  6. Woah!! That's awesome!! I was 2 years and a day old!! Teachers are cool and dedicated. My family's Datsuns have benefited from the program as well.
  7. Hey that's me!! I'm in the Auto Tech program and there every single day M-F and you'll probably see my 521 or brothers 510 goon at some points but the dime is my daily driver. You should swing by and talk, breaks are usually around 8:45am or run into the building and ask for me would definitely take time to talk to some Ratsun folks.
  8. There's no better way to spend my birthday around Dattos!! Datsick will definitely be there! Thanks Godfather Gino!!
  9. Hey I'm trying message you but I think your inbox if full?

  10. I want to thank all those who attended out first Datsick Swapmeet! We had a blast and we are planning on making it an annual swapmeet or maybe twice a year! Here's a few pictures I took...... My little brother on my Puch moped taking Marshall to far away places!
  11. Just around the corner guys!! Get your spare change, dust off your Datsun and come on down! You know you want to! B)
  12. WOW! I live down the street so I'll be there when you guys get there. I'll shoot you a text so you can let me know.
  13. Let me know how early you guys(especially the vendors) want to come and we'll be there for you guys! :thumbup:
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