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  1. Good to know. thank you for the input!
  2. WOW, definitely not a drop in move. I will begin looking for a trans that I will be able to work with. Thank you for your input on this! Kind of random, but since you also have a 710 wagon, what do you think is a good red line number to be safe? I researched and everyone is saying something different. I do have the duel side draft carbs with headers, but I am more worried about the internal parts. I usually am just cruising around town, but every so often I will get on it and wondered what is a safe RPM. I don't go over 5000 currently but don't know if 5500 or 6000 is safe?
  3. Thanks for the info LenRobertson. I will bump it up at the end of the week so he can give his input.
  4. Thank you. I do have someone that has a dog lag 5 speed out of a 77 260Z. Is this a possible option?
  5. I have a 75 710 wagon with a manual 4 speed. I recently got the motor rebuilt with camshaft and duel side drafts. Now the problem is highway speeds. I noticed that at around 65 Mph it is running around 3500 RPM. I'm looking to change to a 5 speed to help with the high RPMs and with longer distance runs. Are there certain years that will mount in with no fab work? If not, to what extent would another transmission need to be altered and are there better years and other models to look out for? thank you for your help in advance.
  6. 710wagon

    Cam upgrade

    Do you know of any cam that won't need new rockers? One that will give some mor power with using the stock components? I'll look into changing all that if I have to but would like to not have to mess with all that.
  7. 710wagon

    Cam upgrade

    Thanks for the info. I'm using aftermarket headers that I got when I bought the side drafts. Not sure as to what brand. I know that they are much wider than the OEM ones.
  8. 710wagon

    Cam upgrade

    I'm getting motor work done on my stock L20B (head and block resurfacing). I recently put on dual sidedrafts and now that the motor is apart, this would be the time to do the cam. My question is, is it worth messing with the cam to get some more power or just to leave it be? Also, if it's worth changing, and suggestions? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. I have been searching for a video on replacing the head gasket and can't seem to find each one. I am trying to see the level of difficulty is involved.
  10. I installed the new thermostat and did a trial run and it did the same thing as before. The hoses expanded and the upper inlet side for the radiator got extremely hot. So, I am assuming that it has to be the head gasket? Would I be correct in that assumption? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the help. I'm going to try to retap it and see if that will work first. If that doesn't work for some reason, I'll go wayno's Route.
  12. When installing my new thermostat, I noticed that the thermostat housing base where the screw goes in is stripped clean. I was looking to see if I could just find a new one while I'm at it, however, I can't seem to find one that matches mine. Where the sensor is on the front, I have 2 openings, one for the sensor and one where a coolant hose enters. The ones that are coming up im my search only contain one hole for the sensor. Are there some years that are differ, or is it possible that someone changed the one on my car before I got It? I assume that I can't go with the one inlet hole type since I have that coolant hose. Any thoughts?
  13. Thanks for all the help! I'm going to order a thermostat and see if that resolves the problem. I figured that something was stopping the flow since the coolant was cold, but didn't know where the most common spot would be. Thanks!
  14. That's what my buddy that has a Z said too. I wasn't sure if that could get rusted sitting there for 2 months after it was working properly. I assume that any L20B thermostat would work whether it is from a 510, 610 etc. If that is the issue, is there a certain one that I should get? I tried looking for one and it seems that they all say for a "Bluebird" and they're not the same year as mine.
  15. I looked to see if this has been posted before and had no luck. I recently put sidedrafts on my 75 710 L20B. Before I did, everything was in working order other than some smoking out of the tailpipe and I was driving the car daily. In the midst of installing the carbs, my radiator cracked in the core. I looked everywhere and had no luck in finding an original radiator or an aftermarket one that fit. So I purchased a universal radiator that was the same size as well as core size. Upon completion, I tested the car by letting it idle for about 15 min then did a short drive around my house. when I got back I didn't notice any leaking, however, I came across something odd. I noticed that the hoses from the top of the radiator as well as some of the bypass hoses were under terminus pressure, almost to the point that the hose was backing off their mounts. I checked the overflow and let the fluid drain from there and noticed that it was cold. I opened the radiator cap slightly knowing that it is under pressure and the coolant that came out was cold as well. Upon checking the radiator for heat I also noticed that the driver side was cool and the passenger side was hot, almost as if it wasn't cycling. The new radiator that was installed was 1/2 inch bigger in the out/inlet so the pressure should be less than the old one that was already working fine. The car was sitting for almost 2 months as we were working on this. Is it possible that something got frozen up while it was sitting that is not working properly now? I attached some pics. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The pic with my finger in it shows the amount that plastic covering expanded since it was touching when I started.
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