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  1. asid99

    napz engine

    I didn't mean to say that it lost power, but that it limits the powerband. Restricting and expanding the flow and travel length of exhaust, you can control the powerband. Racing teams have used this method since way-back-when. My dad's old laydown gokart in garage actually has this, and it is astonishing. You pull the paddle behind the steering wheel once you feel like you are topping out, and you expand the powerband and can go further. I don't really care what that man you linked me to says, I've literally experienced it myself, and it is crazy. Ride an old endurokart if you can find them, they were on most of them back in the day. This would also probably be the easiest way to experience it.
  2. asid99

    idle problem

    Check your clutch fluid resivoir, it can be low. I was having the same problem and it turned out to be my hydrolic cable and slave.
  3. asid99

    napz engine

    Yeah, with a straight pipe you will actually be loosing power, but maybe because of the webber you broke about even. The back pressure from a tuned exhaust usually helps widen your powerband. Have fun doing valve adjustments regularly, because all my friends with straight pipes (no matter the car) are ALWAYS tinkering with valves
  4. asid99

    fuel sending unit Question

    Im not sure about the sending unit, but mine had a problem with the pump. It lost its compression abilities. It would make sound when you turned it on, but didn't have the power to keep up with the engine's needs, causing it to bog out. I however need to redo my gauges so if you could, please show how you do it. I am shitty when it comes to gauges.
  5. asid99

    idle problem

    before you try any of those though, check the bottom cover to the steering wheel. It can come loose over time and pull on your ignition wires.
  6. asid99

    idle problem

    Is it slowly bogging out, or is it like turning off? If its bogging I would replace the jets and check the float. If it is turning off, I could do a cap and rotor replacement...if that doesn't work, I would change lead wires and plugs......and if that fails again, pray.
  7. asid99

    Has anyone out there tried this?

    Datsuns and Toyotas were always direct competitors with similar designs. With that said, engineers from both companies have shared/borrowed ideas from each other.... I personally would try it.
  8. asid99

    4x4 Datsun 720

    Sorry for the long reply life got in the way. Anyways, I have 31 BF Goodrich All Terrain TAs. And my goal isnt to make a full out crawler, rather a truck ready for anything. So far this truck has been in places I didn't think it could handle but pushed on through no problem.... And to the person who said to put money into the carb and engine...It is a brand new block, brand new carb, and a tranny with not that many miles on it. I mainly just want a lift to fit bigger tires, but I would prefer a suspension lift so I would have better travel.
  9. asid99

    4x4 Datsun 720

    thanks for the pictures, they help a LOT. Also, have you ever had problems with your clutch slave cylinder or brake master cylinder? I need to replace both and create a brace because there is always some play and they flex. Another thing is, I have an offroading light tower like yours...is yours welded to the frame? mine is just bolted onto the body and currently serves no purpose if I were to flip my wife.
  10. asid99

    4x4 Datsun 720

    oh and I found a different place to host the url that doesn't go stupid like photobucket
  11. asid99

    4x4 Datsun 720

    yeah, we have the same size rims mine are 15x9.5 or 15x10. I have perfect clearance but I just want my truck to stand a little bit taller. I would love to get some dual chamber shocks, but that will be a little later on. Although I am making a skid plate for her, or even maybe a prerunner bumper with a bullbar.
  12. asid99

    4x4 Datsun 720

    what's your rim size?
  13. asid99

    4x4 Datsun 720

    There are so many different ways of lifting. I would like to just do a body lift along with spring spaces and I heard I might have do something with the leaf springs. Never have done a lift like this before. I can probably do 3in spring spacers and whatever I can do with the body.
  14. If only you knew how hard I want my truck done so I can go :crying:
  15. asid99

    4x4 Datsun 720

    yeah I'm talking about the truck. The 510 is a money pit, but it is tricked out...just old. It has the sss headers and new exhaust. My dad was setting it up for a turbo (before intercoolers came around) and he had race spec stuff. There was a Bay Area Datsun race team back in the day and my dad used to take his 510 there all the time and had everything they had, down to the steering wheel. When I get more money and finish my other projects I'll giver her some love. The truck is going into my name, my dad would give me the house before he gives me his 510 haha. But he definitley would let me share it with him. You'll see a post in the near future asking for tips on that baby :thumbup: Could you post pics? And I'm pushing 30's I believe...except in the back right because that is a temporary story. It's a long/funny story about why I have that on their.

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