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  1. Did you have to modify either of the mounts? I'm not terribly concerned about moving the shifter location, I'm doing a custom shifter and I'm going to have to bend a long adapter for it anyway, but if I can I will try to snag one so I don't have to cut it up. Thanks so much for your input, it's been extremely helpful.
  2. This is before gutting, I don't have too many picture of it before that. this is after gutting. As you can see, I'm not done, and I've actually got everyone out of the inside except the dash. It looks like I need to take the glass out to do that, and I have to shove her in the carport before I take out all the glass.
  3. Still having trouble figuring out how to post pictures, but here is a link with a handful of the pictures. First three are from before the gutting, ladder are from after. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1s4x4gVDaTsF1hpES7Hfn0nw_qbuynrACpRYVBe0dmiM/edit?usp=sharing
  4. Howdy guys! Been hitting this forum up for help for a while, but I finally have come to join the community to show my project, share what I have and will learn and hopefully learn what I don't know! I recently bought a very faded red 79 210 (not b210) for about $500. The body is in pretty good shape, a few spots definitely need attention, and the drivetrain is all running and working, but the tranny could use a rebuild. The interior was completely thrashed. Initially I was planning on just restoring it and doing what I could to the a14 that's in it (Extremely little in this car is not original) but after we got it running and I started to research a little deeper, I decided that I wanted to swap the motor. Looked at multiple swaps, some looked easier than others, but ultimately decided on an sr20de, probably without a turbo. So on the with rebuild I go! I recently gutted the car ( I will upload pictures of before and after as soon as I figure out how) and am getting ready to pull the motor, and all the running gear from underneath next weekend. We're planning on doing whatever cutting and patching we need to here in a few weeks and I want to get a dry fit for the motor and tranny so that I'll know if I need to modify the tunnel, but I haven't gotten them yet. So I figured I'd ask around, while I'm accumulating parts so I can continue forging ahead. I know a fair amount of the things I need to get from reading similar builds, but as is the nature of the 210, sometimes it gets confused with the b210, so I'm hoping to clarify a few things. Mostly just motor mounts, cross members and the tunnel, for now. I read I can use motor mounts from any L, KA, Z, SR and CA engines, and that I'd have to modify the crossmember from an s10 for the tranny. Also really want to know if I have to make the tunnel bigger. Can anyone confirm or deny these things for me? Any other information anyone feels like sharing would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all in advance!
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