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  1. YamahaJohnny

    My Pole-Barn Find 521

    BTW, You Pacific North West guys are spoiled lucky with your rust free gems. In MN you'd have better luck seeing a unicorn then a rust-free Suburban puling a clean Datsun down the Interstate.
  2. YamahaJohnny

    My Pole-Barn Find 521

    I like the look of both.... Not too many Datsuns here in MN so I don't have to worry about looking like the other guys.....
  3. YamahaJohnny

    My Pole-Barn Find 521

    I'm still researching my plans, what's your preference on wheel and tire size? I just know I want something beefier then the stock pizza cutters.
  4. YamahaJohnny

    My Pole-Barn Find 521

    The body is solid and I like a patina look so I'm going to see what magic I can work with some wet sanding and buffing. The motor is clean and turns over. I have not had a chance to do any diagnostic checks yet but I am hoping to get away with a top end job, carb work over, exhaust clutch etc.. The brakes are shot so I'm planning on doing a disk brake conversion. Mainly looking to make her roadworthy with a slight drop, 18" Titan wheels. She will be my parts hauler!
  5. YamahaJohnny

    My Pole-Barn Find 521

    Hello all, new here and I thought I'd share what I know of my Pole-Barn re-find 1971 521. So the guy I bought it from had it stored in his pole-barn for the last 10 years. His intention was for it to be a father and son project that just never happened. Allegedly he got it in exchange for doing the upholstery on a guy's 60's Corvette. The PO said the Corvette guy had multiple out buildings filled with gems like this Datsun and other treasures. The legend continued that the Corvette guy had brought the Datsun to his MN farm from AZ in the mid 70's and used it as a small utility vehicle on the property to move things between the outbuildings. It never got driven on the salted roads thus it stayed mostly rust free. Supposedly the displayed 43,xxx miles is accurate. Mr. Corvette parked it in his outbuilding some 25 years ago until the PO moved it to his pole barn. I pulled it home with my WA State 1977 survivor Suburban. I got a crazy amount of looks and thumbs up pulling her home. I am going to end her sedentary life! She will be driven!

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