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  1. roadsterman

    67 Datsun 520

    ggzilla i cant message u for some reason i need to talk to u... can i contact u by phone . thanks
  2. Had a great time , sunny , hot and kool cars ...... next stop Canby friday afternoon ......................
  3. i like those wheels also , but i would put on a set of 15" gun metal gray nissan frontier wheels and tires that i have waiting to go on a truck but then drive it .
  4. We didnt get there untill around noon ,.yes alot of cars ,brother and i did go the back way in and out it was fun and nice weather .
  5. Hey does and of the northenders want to meet around northgate exit, then roll down to the kk in tacoma then off with the rest to olympia ?
  6. Kool meet today..... first one of the yr and so close to my house . and those cupcakes were the bomb lol
  7. well lets see holiday shopping has started so northgate might not be the best, and on the wrong side of freeway heading south so , let me know if u guys have a idea where to meet .
  8. Hey all ratsuners i do plan on going we have been getting my brothers 4 dr going...motor in , exhaust done and icehouse fixed the wiring for all the lights , blinkers on dash is all we have left they dont work ,not keeping it home because of that. it would b awsome to hook up with all the guys north of seattle , big dave and steve and i go to events together but it would b awsome if we had more to roll with down there so maybe meet northgate or . what do u think ?
  9. I also had a great time , great turn out and my first time having a carl's jr burger . great parking lot to have it and right off freeway too. Nice to meet u lonewolf and have u come down from canada . and sit in your famous 510 :-) glad to c u make it back home and of course u made it back , u were driving a datsun . so next month is the matsuri in canada and P.O.T.D. in Des moines. and the month after is Canby. so i say July for the next ratsun meet at Carl's jr .....only my opinion # 85 bre
  10. So did the guy want u to post this for him ? and the 2 dr shell ? if so why does the guy answering phone dont know nothing about these cars . can u get the right phone number ? thanks
  11. Found 27 of the silver 510's at one k-mart today. beats my record of 14 black ones at a fred meyers. it was a score.............:-)
  12. Does anybody know what the 68 silver 2 ltr roadster go for ?
  13. Yeah i heard thro your phone lol
  14. Yup i just saw that he raised the price to 2000 lol i did look at the car that he said ran and drove , didnt start, never did answer me on the rust issue's. until i got there. i understand what he is trying to do or does. but its a bummer that someone else didnt get a chance to buy it for what he got it for.
  15. he says he has 5 guys coming in the morning and says he is not taking lower in price
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