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  1. D T

    1400 pickup

    I would of loved to keep it and turbo that motor, but it's stuffed. So I'm looking at other options now.
  2. D T

    1400 pickup

    Thanks Steve It might look vintage but it's actually a 2003 model. We got them here until 2008. And yeah, the taller roof does give it some more room inside.
  3. D T

    1400 pickup

    Hi Thanks for all the compliments so far. Really proud of my little pickup. @banzia - I would love to keep the 4AGE in there but its time is done. Striped it out the other day and found I sorta cracked the head. Now as reliable as these motors are they don't like being abused either. So next up is probably a VG30DETT, or something with similar power.
  4. D T

    1400 pickup

    OK, let's see if I can get the pictures uploaded Can't seem to figure it out completely but I'll see what works
  5. Hi Guys So I have a Nissan 1400 pickup. Not sure what u guys call it but I live in South Africa that's all its called over here. It has currently a Toyota 4AGE in it but hopefully soon it will have a Nissan engine as Hart once more. Will post some pictures soon.

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