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  1. RAlly_DatoB210

    Rod run to the end of the world

    First off, here is just a web link so if the rules have changed about linking or something sorry aboot that. http://www.beachbarons.com Second off Haven't been on here in a year, still living in a vw bus and cruising around. Moving back to Maui on the 17th to open a couple small kine business ventures and I will be posting more on that in a couple months on our website. So anyone heading to the islands look us up for some hospitality and hope to see a few ratsuners at the event before we take off. Hope all has been well Rally without a dato http://www.neverstoprolling.com
  2. 1982, the year of Tron, Nike Air Force one, Ms. Pac man and this, Honda express sr50. More to come off to work
  3. RAlly_DatoB210

    Indy's Daily Driver

    Wait like me that kid? Haha because I was PAC nw and totally flipped off every other datsun I saw. Ratsun salute always meant with the highest of respect! Lol
  4. RAlly_DatoB210

    Indy's Daily Driver

  5. RAlly_DatoB210

    Favorite drink, besides beer.

    Sea sick? Water logged and surf beat? Sun burned? Hiking? With food? Watered down at a casino? Poorly made in a dive bar? Skateboarding? In a movie theater? One drink always holds true Definitely a fan of the Dark and stormy How I make it if I can Reeds Jamaican style ginger beer Hana bay dark rum Lime Bitter, Limey and you can swill em like water. Plus I feel way classier drinking that over Jameson and gator aide lol Quick cut and great tasting drink. Followed by fizzy yellow wuss beers and lime makes a burrito go down just fine. Lol Edit: I've gotta include 2 new favorites that I had this week. Red Robbin has a pumpkin beer and caramel milk shake and as wrong as it should have been the Sam Adams actually made it better. Not a drink to get drunk by any means close but a tasty burger chaser none the less. And I picked up a bottle of lindeman's raspberry lambic from the local grocery store having no idea at all what it was besides seriously marked down. It was delicious. And I don't care how wussy fruit beer is i could drink this all day every day while smoking a j. Nuff said
  6. RAlly_DatoB210


    I never had any problems but ka620 couldn't be more right about attitude and local friends.
  7. RAlly_DatoB210


    While i wasnt born and raised in hawaii, Having lived on Maui doing landscaping for over a year and a half here is my short list of ins and outs as a pickle While I haven't seen much of Oahu if you like city and choke people you got it. One of my closest friends on Maui was born and raised in waianae and most his family stay ewa beach now and he always talked about how big of ice problems and people stealing you name it on Oahu (tweakers in Washington no different). I recommend getting a motorcycle or scooter to get around quick and cheap on gas. And one big ass lock to anchor it up with. Lock up your patio furniture and anything you could think of getting stolen just play it safe. Show aloha to everyone and you will make lots of friends quick. The friendliest strangers I have ever know all hail from Maui. I bought a surf rack from someone on craigslist and we got to talking story then next week I was BBQing and camping with his family. Traffic can get slow in places especially if there is a wreck but where you need to be right? I moved there with 15k and a couple backpacks of stuff. Lots of people are usually moving off island so just buy new stuff unless you are attached or the military hooks it up with shipping. If you have pets get on quarantine process ASAP. And while most datsuns rusted away drive up in the hills and you can still find parts. You might get sticker shock at first but when you get used to it no problem just gotta pay to play right? Plus when you come back to Washington everything seems hella cheap so anywhere you vacation is cheaper but think at least you are living where people vacation right? I am back in Washington and miss island life multiple times a day and will be moving back to Maui as soon as I can which will hopefully be in a couple months. Safety checks are a bitch unless you know where to go and bring a picnic when you go DMV to change title it will be an all day run around. You'll be eatin chilli with Mac salad and rice in no time. I wish you the best of luck and lots of people seem to go to Hawaii on vacation so you will likely hear from friends and family and its fun to meet up and show them around
  8. RAlly_DatoB210

    Rally's it's not a datsun and travels thread

    Website bump http://www.neverstoprolling.com/ Haven't been on ratsun for a while and I don't even use the samba but here is our travels so far and a running blog with tidbits here and there of what's been going on. The page will be used for any future travels as well. Check it out if you want and hope you like it. Sorry no datsuns in sight... Evan
  9. RAlly_DatoB210

    I have 5 boxes of automotive paint you have?

    Read the whole post wannabemod lol First off It says western Washington 2 they are all in cans I will sort them by basic colors and post names serious interested parties I will crack open lids and take pictures Did it ever say 40 cans of doo doo brown? Does this thread apply to you? The paint gun is not for sale nor mentioned for trade I am keeping the paint gun and sander this is only for the paint I'm not currently looking to sell individual cans Does this thread even apply to you? If I can find pearl doo doo brown tristin you will be first offered on the presale. Lolol But until then I'm only interested in trade for fabrication of bumpers rack etc or someone to spray this onto my van. If that applies to you let me know. If not go back to insomniacs haha
  10. RAlly_DatoB210

    I have 5 boxes of automotive paint you have?

    Honestly I don't know what this stuff is but most cans are priced over 100 dollars. Lots of factory colors mostly valspar some of the pearls and Metallics don't have names on cans it's custom mix but I assume valspar as well. The boxes filled the bed of a ford ranger pickup there is a Ton of paint here
  11. Well my uncle just inherited a body shop and had no idea what to do with all the paint.. So I got it all for pressure washing and painting his house. I'm looking to sell trade barter for labor food gas whatever for all this paint. Lots of half used quarts some full ones etc. I also ended up with a couple spray guns sanders etc. there is seriously a few thousand dollars in paint here lots of pearl and metallic a whole shit load of colors. I'm looking to swap for someone to fabricate over bumpers, a light bar/ external visor, and a rack for my Honda trail bike. I am also looking to trade some paint for access to someone's spray booth so I can shoot the van or if there is someone on here who paints professionally I would give the paint in exchange for a paint job. Currently that's a smoking deal for Any of you shop owners or wanna be shop owners that can already paint or fabricate. If these qualifications fit let me know if we can work something out and I will get pictures and list the paint colors for you (it would take me an hour to type there are that many cans) If I don't get any takers after a month I will be listing the paint per can at ultra low rock bottom ratsun prices. I am very busy with school so I may be slow to reply but send me a pm and it will notify me by email and I will get back to you. I am in western Washington Evan
  12. RAlly_DatoB210

    78 Toyota Corona PRISTINE Grannie car one owner

    When I bought my b210 it had stock tires lol it only showed 25k miles and interior was perfect.. Except for seriously 2 vacuum loads of cat hair :P haha it was an estate sale find gotta love time capsules like that. He should get more pictures up.. Unless he already has anyways
  13. RAlly_DatoB210

    I think we all got off on the wrong foot here.

    I want to say ibtl because eventually this WILL get locked. The odds are just in my favor lol. Anyone want to slap down a fiveski against it?
  14. RAlly_DatoB210

    honda trail 70

    Bump for how rad these bikes are. They are bomb proof too cool project for someone
  15. RAlly_DatoB210

    Rally's it's not a datsun and travels thread

    here is a quick update so far on what has happened to the van. girlfriend added a fresh coat of hippie steeze to the roof it will eventually cover the entire inside roof. found this picture in her photobucket and i thought i would introduce ourselves. thats how we used to go camping. load up the moped and go for a four hour buzz to the back side of the island. could do the entire loop for less than a tank of gas (5 bucks is how many chugs around the block in volksconfugen? :P). here is the first fill up before heading out on the maiden voyage to the wynooche dam. runs great and just getting its first oil change and valve adjust. let the knuckles bleed lol at pulled over to check out a waterfall before trying to head to the upper satsop lakes i gotta say it was colder than cold. i think we are both used to falls you can swim in not the cold as cooler melt falls of the olympics. lol the bus trucks along pretty good in snow but as soon as it started getting into some deeper drifts we had to turn around turned around and went to the dam for a picnic and had the place almost entirely to ourselves thats all for so far. installed a new stereo and 2 speakers in the back still need to run wires though. i just got my pacer flexy flares in the mail yesterday and havent put them on yet. ordered some new sliding door seals and hatch from gowesty and going to start tearing into the parts bus when it gets trailer over. if anyone is interested in getting smoking deals on a vw hightop late bay project let me know. figured i would post a presale here before the non datsuns for sale thread. a little more back story behind who we are and what we are setting out to do: my girlfriend Michelle is the sanity behind the operation and is also the resident artist on board. i get to play the role of chauffeur, grease monkey and bad idea specialist. we started out with one simple idea, and that was what would we like to do in our lives if we didnt let anything stop us. i took a senior trip to maui and at first the goal became save up as much as we could and move there in a year. a year to the day later we were getting off a plane and into our first volkswagen bus. and it was all made possible thanks to minimum wage pizza delivery jobs and a little side income here or there from craigslist or one of michelles many business ventures. after a year of living in hawaii we decided why stop there? lets set out to see the world and see if we can make it possible with a little work. saving money was pretty easy for us even living in maui (its surprisingly way cheaper than living on the mainland when you start to factor in all the expenses you can cut out that you simply dont need living in maui. no need for a car cuts out a few hundred dollars a month in gas, food is expensive sure but kamaina price gets just about anything cheaper than rack rate. where else do you get a discount just for living in a place? rent is on par with what we paid in washington cheaper still if you dont mind renting out a spare room and cutting all the bills in half. no heat bill etc) so before we knew what happened a year had gone by and we cashed our savings in for some plane tickets and another volkswagen bus. cue present day now the goal is just keep traveling and see the whole world. believe me i would have done it in a datsun but caballs dont grow on trees and id rather not burst into flames in a vannette lol. so we will be following the music festival circuit this summer selling arts and crafts and plan on working a winter in either aspen Colorado or stateline nevada and snowboarding all winter while saving up to keep the van rolling. after we see all the US states we want to visit and parts of canada we are going to try and run through south america with a stop in coasta rica for a year to focus on art. then ship the van to europe stay in poland for a few months working jobs and seeing michelles family, head through africa and the middle east. its all tentative so things may change but if we say thats whats happening we are the type to stick to it and get it done. we debated sellling the van and using the money to spend some time in thailand and other parts of Asia before finishing up with a honda ct110 ride across Australia but thats any number of years away. kind of a brief shake down of our adventure. thank you for your support Evan and Michelle

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