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  1. Cyclopsblown34

    My first Datsoon and fast forward 26 years

    Me being a techtard, I cannot upload photos to here and my computer locks up when I hit the image button. Photobucket is blocked here at work. Any other ways to upload photos? I have none of the original Z, just the current one.
  2. I've been a car guy since I could smell fuel. I'd have several hotrods and a few economy cars by the time I found my first Datsun, a 260Z at my buddy's dad's stash of gonna restore cars at their wrecking yard. It took a few months of hounding him to turn loose of it and in March 1987 I had my 260Z, I even got to cherry pick the salvage yard for other parts and pulled a five speed from a later Z and found some 3.08:1 gears. My fiance' and I took off in June 87 to Oregon from Missouri in it to meet my mom, we found out the five speed and low 3. gears were great for top end and lousy for acceleration which was what I was hoping for as far as top end. I fell asleep in the passenger seat at the east edge of the "desert" in Oregon and woke up to scenery going by as a blur, looked over and we were running 130MPH and smooth as can be. The car got lots of mods over the next couple years til our son was born in 1990 and I sold it because I couldn't fit both kids in it when the wife had the family car. Fast forward to 2014 and I'm out with a factory rep on joint sales calls and the talk goes to cars we wish we'd never sold and the Z came up. He told me that's kind of funny because he and his wife were tasked with cleaning out her parents' house after her dad died. Her brother had a 260Z he'd parked in 1990 sitting in the garage and no desire to come back to Missouri and get it running. It took nearly two years for my buddy to swing the deal for me but my son and I picked it up this January. It isn't my old Z, it got destroyed two weeks after I sold it, dude high sided it. This one has 32000 miles, Weber conversion and the ANSA exhaust, not much else is deviated from stock, what a blast to drive. Now to find some R12 so I can charge the AC. Thanks for letting me on the page, Cyclops.

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