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  1. Justforkicks

    Stepping up on Ratsun

    I have been on here since getting my 1st-79 ZX. Daily driver so keeping ahead of things on car this age is sometimes been a challenge, so I used site as "reference library". Bought an 83 ZX to build S130 ver.2 of this model. This car will be assembled while I DD the 79. I will be active and so wanted to say Hello Facebook: 280zx drivers, CVZ, EmpireZ, Church of the L, more.
  2. Justforkicks

    Eibach springs advice

    Deal made, springs, struts coming soon. New Avatar shows Ratsun look on my car Lol
  3. Justforkicks

    Eibach springs advice

    Thank you both. I am a Z car owner, actually 2 now. Second is 83 280zx and looking to build a better car than my daily 79. I have lurked a year or two but since I will be on build you will hear more. I am here because Ratsun is honest men who build cars, like myself. I have done research on springs only missing the testimonials from users. Lastly I am not a snobby, stuffy ass bioch. I get sideways looks from the Z car guys too. A Rat to the core.
  4. Justforkicks

    Eibach springs advice

    Anyone run pro springs from Eibach? Have a chance at some if they are good or not ?
  5. Justforkicks

    280 ZX Suspension mod's & lowering -- Pictures if you have em

    scooter tires are huge and I wanted large sidewall height for rallye driving where tire can take some impact. Like to still lower body and deal with wheel wells after.
  6. I have not found a lot of information regarding 280ZX suspension mod's. We have some obstacles which have been overcome for the S30 platform by many. I see S130's lowered with severe camber and say I want to do this right (Correct car geometry). I suggest reading through what has been posted for S30's. Good information about changing spring height/rate and how it affects bottoming of strut and stiffness (ride) change. If I am incorrect, ill informed, please inform me. Coil overs, Cut Springs, Lowering springs, Swapped out rear end, Air bags. Show what you have done and some spec's would help anyone looking to improve what they have. I am hoping to build a small library here to help get through the process of which path suits the desired result. The wheel has been invented and the wealth of information and ingenuity I see here is wanted. Post up what you did and why. Others can look up ways to meet their goals for suspension upgrade. Love my car and want more from it Current project lower my car about 1"-1 1/2" . I will need a way for camber on all wheels to proper adj. once lowered. I would think camber plates. I have access to new koni gas replacements, don't honestly know if these would; 1) work if I lower 2) be an upgrade in performance over stock strut. Do I need to section strut for 1 1/2" less travel I will have as a result of lowering? https://goo.gl/photos/EKjMaN6YVRTdhseF7
  7. Justforkicks

    Pic's of your Z

    I can not copy and paste pics....any help??
  8. Justforkicks

    Pic's of your Z

    WOW! 96 pages of Z cars...I am adding mine hoping to revive interest in members rides. My daily 79 280ZX Gl coupe.
  9. Justforkicks

    Ratsun stickers still available?

    I have tried, why so hard to get a couple stickers????

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