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  1. Tikka


    Well done. Beautiful car. Don't change a thing. If you ever decide to sell look me up. I've got one more empty space in my garage. All the best.
  2. This is the first summer I've had my 510 on the streets and holy shit! We can't seem to go anywhere with out allotting extra time for conversation about the car. And I can't tell you how many times I've had my picture taken going down the hwy. or when in traffic. The facility where I work is next to a very high volume carwash. A lot of their patrons, against are wishes, pull into our parking lot to finish drying and detailing their cars. When ever I have my car at work I hear it from the guys in Shipping, who can see the lot, about all the people that walk over to check it out. Once when I was leaving work there were two fart can style cars that had angled in to the front of my 510 which blocked me in. They were checking it out. It turned into a 45min. conversation which defeated the purpose of me leaving early that day. They certainly attract a lot of attention but as one person stated it never gets old.
  3. Tikka

    You know the story...

    So it's on the road. Took longer than I thought. Needed to put new carbs on it.Taking it to a shop to have them tuned tuned this week.
  4. Tikka

    Smoking rebuilt engine

    It's going back in next week. I plan to have him take a look at this thread. I'm putting too much money into this project. May have to wait till next year to go any further.
  5. Tikka

    Smoking rebuilt engine

    The coolant level has not changed. I have run the car about 100 miles now at varying speeds. The shop doing the work is a local specialty shop in the area that specializes in restoring classic cars. I've seen everything from Speedsters and Corvairs to T birds and Rolls Royce in the bays. I'm sure having a timing light isn't an issue. I was also told that something within the distributor had been "welded?" Possibly something that was done back in the car's race days. They are currently looking for another type of distributor. Apparently they found one in Canada but haven't received a response from the seller yet. I still have confidence in the shop but want better understanding of what's going on. I'd like them to read this thread but wonder if it would just piss them off. Thanks to you all I have some great questions to ask them.
  6. Tikka

    Smoking rebuilt engine

    I guess I should have been more specific. The car is not bellowing smoke like an industrial plant. As one of the guys said it is more like an easily noticed haze.The valves were honed and seals were replaced. It has new rings. The engine also has a "heavy'" cam (not sure of the specs). Its wearing a pair of Weber side draft carbs, New radiator and water pump. The car does not overheat. It holds around 190. I know he put 10w30 in it. I noticed that the distributor is positioned near the full retard position. Mechanic stated that he set it there because it started easier. Set toward the middle it had a hard time starting. I believe this is where the problem is. I want to play around with the positioning but I'm afraid of doing more harm. Since getting it back I've put about 100 miles on it at varying speeds, some highway. I appreciate the responses as I'm no mechanic. I stumbled onto this car and wanted to get it back on the street. I'm relying on the "experts" for advice and guidance but I don't want to get hosed by the mechanic either. Thanks to all.
  7. Tikka

    Smoking rebuilt engine

    So I had the engine on my 510 rebuilt but it seems to be doing a lot of smoking. Bluish white smoke. The mechanic said it was the rings and bearing surfaces breaking in but I'm skeptical. He also said that there was a lighter weight oil in the motor for break in and that we'll be putting a heavier oil in at about 300 miles. What do you all think?
  8. Tikka

    Problem with solex carbs

    sorry aint workin
  9. Tikka

    Problem with solex carbs

    Oops!! Having trouble down loading pics again. Will post soon.
  10. Tikka

    Problem with solex carbs

    Got the carbs on. Here's the before and after. Only problem is that now the rest of the engine looks like shit. Now its time to put her guts back in and get her cleaned up.
  11. Tikka

    Problem with solex carbs

    [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// http://s1174.photobucket.com [/url]">http://http://s1174.photobucket.com/user/tikka16/media/20160906_185631_zpsis9uibbe.jpg.html'> So here's a few
  12. Tikka

    Problem with solex carbs

    Car is in the final stages. Carbs are getting their final tune. Should have it on the streets some time next week.
  13. Tikka

    Problem with solex carbs

    Thanks folks. I'll be getting under the hood again as soon as our weather permits. I have to work on it outside. Too many toys in the garage, no room.
  14. Tikka

    Problem with solex carbs

    Anyway of reaching it with gumout? I'd really like to avoid taking it apart. Never worked on Solex carbs before. After seeing all the gas that poured through I'm surprised it didn't free itself up.

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