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  1. I just took my Datsun 720 to get smogged. It measured 1.67 CO2 @ 15MPH when the max allowed is 1.58 CO2. It measured 1.48 CO2 @ 25MPH when the max allowed is 1.38 CO2. It also failed the fuel cap test, so I ordered a new one. I warmed it up for about fifteen minutes and drove it an additional ten minutes on the freeway before bringing it in. Am I failing by a lot? What can I do to get it to pass?
  2. Had no clue! I'll go take a closer look. Thanks
  3. The end of the arm is damaged. A wiper blade replacement isn't going to fix the issue. Usually the wiper arm has a u shaped end so you can slide the replacement wiper blafe on. In this case, the u and the end of the arm has snapped off.
  4. I think we're talking about different parts. See broken metal piece. https://flic.kr/p/QEMJoF https://flic.kr/p/PozJTq https://flic.kr/p/PozGCU
  5. I see some for sale on ebay but was wondering if anybody else had better ideas on where to shop for these. The metal piece that holds the plastic blade snapped off in a rain storm recently.
  6. So, pumping the brakes really hard before driving seem to solve the issue. If that solves the issue, what could it be?
  7. So, it looks like the mast broke off before I bought the truck, so now the radio doesn't receive any channels. I was wondering if anybody knows where to find a replacement. It looks like the piece would just screw into the antenna mount. Not sure if I can buy a generic one or not. The antenna assembly is there but the antenna rod itself is gone.
  8. OK, thanks. I'll try that and report back.
  9. They don't seem to be hot and I don't get a burning brake smell. Just the smell from the tires skidding on the asphalt :). I'll try raising the rear wheels and spinning by them by hand. I have used the parking brake recently, I use it all the time because it's a manual. No free play that I can notice at the master cylinder. Would I test this by just trying to wiggle it back and forth? If so, very little to no movement at all. No new brakes recently. How would I tell which wheels are locking up?
  10. My datsun truck 1981 started to skid when applying the brakes. I don't have to push on the pedal hard for the brakes to lock. I read this could be do to a faulty master brake cylinder. Anybody else experience this? Is that part hard to replace?
  11. bushcat

    Need new locks, what would you do?

    Success! Locksmith was able to pull the number and make two keys. $15 plus a $5 tip. Tacos $10 to keep me full while removing and installing lock. Total savings over $100+ :)
  12. bushcat

    Need new locks, what would you do?

    Nevermind I pulled the lock out . I see an N and then four digits, does that sound right?
  13. bushcat

    Need new locks, what would you do?

    Hey guys, I need some help. I pulled off the door panel and all I see us an R on the lock. Where would the number be located?
  14. I see whole antenna systems on ebay but i'm wondering if the antenna rod can be replaced on it's own. It looks like it's removable with an allen.
  15. bushcat

    Need new locks, what would you do?

    I'm leaning towards getting the keys made by looking up key number, less work, less money. Maybe down the road, I'll get all the locks to be the same. Anyone know where I can find the fuel lid lock? I saw on eBay, it's about 25 bucks. Any places cheaper?

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