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  1. LTJ

    New to this forum

    Seats look great!
  2. LTJ

    new here with a 620 'prerunner'

    Cool truck! Looking forward to seeing the mods you have planned!
  3. LTJ

    Charlie69's 66 520 Build

    Gorgeous pup!
  4. Spent some time shimming up the Toyota G series LSD today. Measured up the clutch plates and found they had .15mm of wear on each of them, so with 4 discs per side that meant .6mm shims were needed to get it back to stock, I want a little better than stock though so made some .8mm ones from Datsun steel: Closest holesaw I had was 38mm, so just clamped them in the vice with a clutch disc and went to town with a file: Stamped them 0.8mm: Can even see them through the holes in the side of the carrier: Then just reassembled it and torqued it down, went together nicely!
  5. LTJ

    my 521 project

    Hopefully he will come through!
  6. LTJ

    New to this forum

    Sideways opening would suit the build nice!, make it open so you can work on the side of the road without being in traffic...
  7. LTJ

    Project Datstang

    Door panel patterns are nice!
  8. LTJ

    Charlie69's 66 520 Build

    Oh man! Really hope things settle down for you after all that!
  9. LTJ

    New to this forum

    Looking forward to seeing the timber fitted up!
  10. LTJ

    Because Australia.

  11. Turns out the diff centre I picked up was a fairly rare 4 pinion open diff, not an lsd, they look almost identical, until you grab a flashlight and look inside and realise there are no clutch packs! :wacko: Should have tested it when I picked it up! Pretty sure the guy that sold it to me was fooled too, he was very open and honest, even gave me his business card and email to stay in touch, so I will just take the hit and move on... Thankfully it was pretty cheap. Managed to find an LSD carrier in Melbourne that I will drive down and pick up tomorrow, then I can fit the 4:3 gears from the open diff, put all that back into the new centre and then install it into my RN20 housing... Going to put in new bearings and shim the clutches while I am at it too, may as well while I am in there... Aside from the extra 4 hours drive time, I will still be ahead on cost to buy a 4.3 lsd otherwise, so no huge loss, and I am pretty sure I will enjoy stripping down and rebuilding the centre section.
  12. LTJ

    Duncan's 71 "Oz" Goon

    Hopefully the front guards are an easier fit for you!
  13. It is my only car, but if I am heading out with the wife, we take hers... I guess it gets used 2-4 times a week. Trying to decide now how far to go on this first incarnation, dropping in the new motor with the long tail gearbox means shortening the tailshaft. Which means I may as well do the diff so that the tailshaft only needs to be modified once. If I am doing the diff will I be re-drilling to 4 stud to run standard brakes or doing the Falcon/Skyline swap? If I am doing the brake swap in the rear, I need to do it on the front at the same time... If I try to do it all at once I am worried it will end up being a project with no end in sight and might stall out... Will probably redrill the axles and run standard brakes for a while, the late Stanzas in Australia came out with (bigger) Aussie 200B brakes anyway, so pulling up the L20b should not be an issue, would love to do the whole lot at once though, what a transformation it would be!
  14. LTJ

    StreetFighter 620

    Yes! I bet we see more progress now it is somewhere you can easily work on it!

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