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  1. bkippen

    Blown RL411 engine

    On top of what Mike said Window rattle easy fix datsunparts.com window run channel Rough ride... Your springs were cut. you are riding on bump stops. or your shocks are shot, bad joints Back fire is many times debris in the fuel system, exhaust leak pulling in air, slightly improper timing or a lean carb Smell points to exhaust leak I would swap the rear gears to 3.7 from a roadster. You are lucky you've got a h190 pretty easy swap and it can happen in a couple hours. I'd be more than happy to poke at your car. I am just over the bridge from you. Brian
  2. bkippen

    Window Rattle

    Buying the felt for a Roadster which is readily avalible and installing (this is key) it should stop the rattle for 15-20 years
  3. bkippen

    Engine build 66 411 with a J13

    I found a MG manifold with a single Mikuni 44PHH. I am thinking if it fits it'll be a neat alternative. Regardless I can't lose the carb is worth more than I paid on eBay
  4. bkippen

    Engine build 66 411 with a J13

    I have been scanning posts for years now. I took out my j13 to rebuild it. The car has been on the road since new which means its a great driver and has 168k miles on it. The timing chain started rattling so it was time. The motor is getting a proper rebuild new pistons, rods, resurfaced crank and cam. It'll be good as new perhaps better being .040" over. I am looking for a part in particular. The perhaps unobtainable 411ss intake manifold or... if someone has successfully adapted a twin su intake onto the j13 in a 411. Any help would be appreciated. Laughter that I am keeping it numbers matching is also welcome. Thanks, Brian
  5. bkippen

    Blown RL411 engine

    What did you get for a Dizzy? I build a 123Ignition bluetooth for the R16 and U20 if you still need an upgrade option. Brian
  6. bkippen

    Need pic of stock steel wheel for '66 411 please

    I couldn't figure out how to upload. Looks like stock has 4 humps and 3 prongs. Maybe your prongs were broken off?
  7. bkippen

    Need pic of stock steel wheel for '66 411 please

    Derek, I will send you a picture later today. I am in Alameda and have a 66 411 as well. Brian
  8. bkippen

    Blown RL411 engine

    Looks like you're doing quite well on the build. One of these days we should meet up. What rear end is in your 411?
  9. bkippen

    Turn signal problems.

    Just had this problem with my '72. When I turned on my right signal, I would get no dash or front light yes on rear when i switched to left... no rear light but a yes on the dash and front. I figured all my light worked because with the hazards on it was all good. This guy had a nice video.

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