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  1. Cory3190

    Body parts

    Is anyone on here selling a front bumper,passenger side fender, grille, and a lower valence for a 75 620 truck?
  2. Cory3190

    Disc brakes

    Can I make the disc brakes off of an 83 720 work on my 75 620? And if so what will I have to do to make it work?
  3. Cory3190

    Short in lights

    So I have a short in my headlights and it was working if I wiggled a wire just right but now I have nothing, any ideas?
  4. So I've been looking for the female plug for the headlight switch everywhere and I haven't had any luck, any ideas? All help is appreciated
  5. Cory3190

    Weber 32/36

    Idk, I'm just trying to make sure so that I don't get burnt again
  6. Cory3190

    Weber 32/36

    It's not just the carb, it's the whole kit. And they are selling redline, they sell actual webers made in Spain. Or do it says anyaways
  7. Cory3190

    Weber 32/36

    Yea, and I appreciate all of the help
  8. Cory3190

    Weber 32/36

    It does and I've been running an electric choke
  9. Cory3190

    Weber 32/36

    And has anyone heard of top end performance? They sell redlinecarb webers and it's about the best price I can find
  10. Cory3190

    Weber 32/36

    What's the difference between dgv and dgev?
  11. Cory3190

    Weber 32/36

    New is what I want, I bought a Hitachi that was supposedly rebuilt and I got burned pretty bad, it hasn't been right since day one and I've done everything that I know to do to it and it's still not right
  12. Cory3190

    Weber 32/36

    What's the best place to buy a weber 32/36

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